Texts in Introit

Full Propers from Missals of more than 200 different traditions, periodically enlarged and updated in the second phase of the Missalia Project.

UsuID Genres Incipit References Frequency
USU00149 Intr Gaudeamus omnes CI 501004 3224 (extreme, 4,310pcm) research
USU00335 Intr Statuit ei Dominus CI g01271 2835 (extreme, 3,790pcm) research
USU00265 Intr Os iusti CI g01349 2468 (extreme, 3,299pcm) research
USU00230 Intr Mihi autem nimis CI g00005 1974 (extreme, 2,639pcm) research
USU00202 Intr Laetabitur iustus CI g01294 1583 (extreme, 2,116pcm) research
USU00183 Intr Intret in conspectu CI g01310 1564 (extreme, 2,091pcm) research
USU00282 Intr Protexisti CI g01300 1449 (extreme, 1,937pcm) research
USU00320 Intr Sapientiam sanctorum CI g01319 1262 (extreme, 1,687pcm) research
USU00171 Intr In medio ecclesiae CI g01342 1168 (extreme, 1,561pcm) research
USU00301 Intr Sacerdotes Dei CI g01280 1157 (extreme, 1,546pcm) research
USU00248 Intr Nos autem CI g00180 1156 (extreme, 1,545pcm) research
USU00219 Intr Loquebar de testimoniis CI g00363 1134 (extreme, 1,516pcm) research
USU00176 Intr In virtute tua CI g01290 1036 (extreme, 1,385pcm) research
USU00373 Intr Vultum tuum CI g01390 957 (extreme, 1,279pcm) research
USU00303 Intr Sacerdotes tui CI g01338 954 (extreme, 1,275pcm) research
USU00075 Intr Dilexisti iustitiam CI g01380 899 (extreme, 1,201pcm) research
USU00201 Intr Iustus ut palma CI g01355 897 (extreme, 1,199pcm) research
USU00305 Intr Salus autem iustorum CI g01325 848 (extreme, 1,133pcm) research
USU00312 Intr Salve sancta parens CI g01408 797 (extreme, 1,065pcm) research
USU00306 Intr Salus populi CI g01233 775 (extreme, 1,036pcm) research
USU00300 Intr Rorate caeli CI g00529 731 (extreme, 977pcm) research
USU00004 Intr Adorate Deum CI g00625 719 (extreme, 961pcm) research
USU00332 Intr Spiritus Domini CI g01090 705 (extreme, 942pcm) research
USU00115 Intr Ego autem sicut oliva CI g01259 645 (extreme, 862pcm) research
USU00317 Intr Sancti tui CI g00041 630 (extreme, 842pcm) research
USU00262 Intr Omnia quae fecisti CI g01237 617 (extreme, 824pcm) research
USU00242 Intr Multae tribulationes CI g00227 601 (extreme, 803pcm) research
USU00025 Intr Benedicta sit CI g01116 587 (extreme, 784pcm) research
USU00302 Intr Sacerdotes eius CI g02264 571 (extreme, 763pcm) research
USU00283 Intr Puer natus est CI g00553 559 (extreme, 747pcm) research
USU00193 Intr Iudicant sancti gentes CI g00474 523 (extreme, 699pcm) research
USU00344 Intr Timete Dominum CI g00324 523 (extreme, 699pcm) research
USU00292 Intr Reminiscere CI g02020 519 (extreme, 693pcm) research
USU00196 Intr Iusti epulentur CI g00037 508 (extreme, 679pcm) research
USU00099 Intr Ecce advenit CI g00596 504 (extreme, 673pcm) research
USU00041 Intr Clamaverunt iusti CI g00113 500 (extreme, 668pcm) research
USU00129 Intr Exaudi Domine CI g01084 498 (extreme, 665pcm) research
USU00038 Intr Cibavit eos CI g01096 491 (extreme, 656pcm) research
USU00064 Intr Deus in adiutorium CI g02026 491 (extreme, 656pcm) research
USU00210 Intr Laetetur cor CI g00791 485 (extreme, 648pcm) research
USU00095 Intr Dum clamarem CI g01178 483 (extreme, 645pcm) research
USU00338 Intr Suscepimus CI g01167 479 (extreme, 640pcm) research
USU00047 Intr Confessio et pulchritudo CI g00331 476 (extreme, 636pcm) research
USU00199 Intr Iustus non conturbabitur CI g02327 472 (extreme, 631pcm) research
USU00225 Intr Me exspectaverunt CI g01373 464 (extreme, 620pcm) research
USU00260 Intr Omnes gentes plaudite CI g01161 451 (extreme, 602pcm) research
USU00151 Intr Gloria et honore CI g02212 441 (extreme, 589pcm) research
USU00327 Intr Si iniquitates CI g01247 439 (extreme, 586pcm) research
USU00024 Intr Benedicite Domino omnes angeli CI g02711 436 (extreme, 582pcm) research
USU00069 Intr Dicit Dominus ego cogito CI g01253 434 (extreme, 580pcm) research
USU00098 Intr Dum sanctificatus CI g00789 427 (extreme, 570pcm) research
USU00250 Intr Nunc scio vere CI g00257 424 (extreme, 566pcm) research
USU00126 Intr Etenim sederunt CI g00559 420 (extreme, 561pcm) research
USU00056 Intr Da pacem Domine CI g01229 401 (extreme, 536pcm) research
USU00015 Intr Audivit Dominus CI g00670 398 (extreme, 532pcm) research
USU00124 Intr Esto mihi CI g00648 397 (extreme, 530pcm) research
USU00112 Intr Ego autem cum iustitia CI g00740 395 (extreme, 528pcm) research
USU00299 Intr Resurrexi CI g01007 394 (extreme, 526pcm) research
USU00235 Intr Miserere mihi Domine quoniam tribulor CI g00824 387 (extreme, 517pcm) research
USU00221 Intr Lux fulgebit CI g00547 381 (extreme, 509pcm) research
USU00236 Intr Misereris omnium CI g00662 373 (extreme, 498pcm) research
USU00321 Intr Scio cui credidi CI g00045 352 (extreme, 470pcm) research
USU00173 Intr In nomine Domini CI g00873 342 (extreme, 457pcm) research
USU00294 Intr Requiem aeternam CI g01566 342 (extreme, 457pcm) research
USU00088 Intr Dominus dixit ad me CI g00541 338 (extreme, 451pcm) research
USU00131 Intr Exaudivit de templo CI g01075 338 (extreme, 451pcm) research
USU00356 Intr Venite benedicti CI g01026 336 (extreme, 449pcm) research
USU00059 Intr De necessitatibus meis CI g00701 334 (extreme, 446pcm) research
USU00128 Intr Exaudi Deus orationem meam CI g00785 328 (extreme, 438pcm) research
USU00367 Intr Viri Galilaei CI g01079 321 (extreme, 429pcm) research
USU00328 Intr Sicut oculi CI g00693 319 (extreme, 426pcm) research
USU00198 Intr Iustus es Domine CI g01216 306 (extreme, 409pcm) research
USU00220 Intr Loquetur Dominus pacem CI g00228 304 (extreme, 406pcm) research
USU00133 Intr Exclamaverunt ad te CI g00185 302 (extreme, 403pcm) research
USU00192 Intr Iudica me Deus CI g00800 300 (high, 401pcm) research
USU00060 Intr De ventre CI g00239 296 (high, 395pcm) research
USU00215 Intr Laudate pueri CI g00290 296 (high, 395pcm) research
USU00178 Intr Inclina Domine CI g01206 295 (high, 394pcm) research
USU00043 Intr Cognovi Domine CI g01396 293 (high, 391pcm) research
USU00097 Intr Dum medium silentium CI g00578 289 (high, 386pcm) research
USU00105 Intr Ecce oculi CI g00188 287 (high, 383pcm) research
USU00065 Intr Deus in loco sancto suo CI g01183 286 (high, 382pcm) research
USU00217 Intr Lex Domini CI g00742 285 (high, 381pcm) research
USU00032 Intr Caritas Dei CI g01109 279 (high, 373pcm) research
USU00039 Intr Circumdederunt me CI g00631 274 (high, 366pcm) research
USU00089 Intr Dominus fortitudo CI g01158 272 (high, 363pcm) research
USU00369 Intr Vocem iucunditatis CI g01067 272 (high, 363pcm) research
USU00086 Intr Domine refugium CI g00696 271 (high, 362pcm) research
USU00071 Intr Dicit Dominus sermones CI g00488 269 (high, 359pcm) research
USU00281 Intr Protector noster CI g01200 268 (high, 358pcm) research
USU00139 Intr Fac mecum CI g00768 266 (high, 355pcm) research
USU00355 Intr Venite adoremus CI g01227 265 (high, 354pcm) research
USU00263 Intr Omnis terra CI g00619 264 (high, 352pcm) research
USU00127 Intr Ex ore infantium CI g00569 263 (high, 351pcm) research
USU00138 Intr Exsurge quare obdormis CI g00640 262 (high, 350pcm) research
USU00177 Intr In voluntate tua Domine CI g01241 261 (high, 348pcm) research
USU00083 Intr Domine ne longe CI g00845 259 (high, 346pcm) research
USU00167 Intr In excelso throno CI g00613 258 (high, 344pcm) research
USU00297 Intr Respice Domine in testamentum CI g01194 256 (high, 342pcm) research
USU00293 Intr Repleatur os meum CI g01106 255 (high, 340pcm) research