Texts in Offertory Verse

Full Propers from Missals of more than 200 different traditions, periodically enlarged and updated in the second phase of the Missalia Project.

UsuID Genres Incipit References Frequency
USU000824 OffV Hostias et preces CI g01573a 220 (extreme, 10,009pcm) research
USU000928 OffV Redemptor animarum CI g01573c 67 (extreme, 3,048pcm) research
USU000755 OffV Cantate Domino et benedicite CI g00335b 44 (extreme, 2,001pcm) research
USU000930 OffV Requiem aeternam CI g01573b 37 (extreme, 1,683pcm) research
USU000787 OffV Domine Iesu Christe iudex mortuorum CI g02387a 31 (extreme, 1,410pcm) research
USU000777 OffV Dirige me in veritate tua CI g00493a 23 (extreme, 1,046pcm) research
USU000781 OffV Domine abstraxisti CI g00668a 18 (extreme, 818pcm) research
USU000837 OffV In quacumque die CI g01235a 16 (extreme, 727pcm) research
USU000958 OffV Verba mea auribus percipe CI g00244b 16 (extreme, 727pcm) research
USU000746 OffV Beati immaculati CI g00655a 15 (extreme, 682pcm) research
USU000889 OffV Pars mea Domine CI g00726a 15 (extreme, 682pcm) research
USU000891 OffV Persequar inimicos meos CI g00798a 15 (extreme, 682pcm) research
USU000964 OffV Vidi non servantes pactum CI g00827a 15 (extreme, 682pcm) research
USU000749 OffV Benedicam Dominum in omni tempore CI g01204a 14 (extreme, 636pcm) research
USU000842 OffV Inclina aurem tuam CI g00717a 14 (extreme, 636pcm) research
USU000911 OffV Qui propitiatur CI g00704a 14 (extreme, 636pcm) research
USU000940 OffV Statuit supra petram CI g01210a 14 (extreme, 636pcm) research
USU000745 OffV Avertantur retrorsum CI g00792b 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000764 OffV Conturbatus sum CI g00757a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000788 OffV Domine ne in ira tua CI g01137a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000803 OffV Eructavit cor meum CI g00083a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000812 OffV Exaudi me in tua iustitia CI g00867a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000818 OffV Fac cum servo tuo CI g00673a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000840 OffV In tribulatione invocavi CI g00629a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000875 OffV Ne tradas bestiis 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000935 OffV Sedes super thronum CI g01149a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000952 OffV Usquequo Domine CI g01153a 13 (extreme, 591pcm) research
USU000752 OffV Benedixisti Domine terram tuam CI g00499a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000759 OffV Clamor meus CI g01171a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000763 OffV Conserva me CI g00731a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000829 OffV Illumina faciem tuam CI g01198a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000848 OffV Iubilate Deo omnis terra CI g01070a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000853 OffV Legem pone mihi CI g00694a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000854 OffV Liberator meus CI g01024b 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000874 OffV Ne avertas faciem tuam CI g00877a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000924 OffV Quoniam iniquitatem meam CI g00734a 12 (extreme, 545pcm) research
USU000772 OffV Deus laudem meam CI g00766a 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000794 OffV Dominus regnavit decorem induit CI g00551a 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000811 OffV Exaudi Domine iustitiam meam CI g00646a 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000838 OffV In salicibus in medio eius CI g01239a 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000839 OffV In spiritu humilitatis CI g01573e 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000845 OffV Ipse fecit nos CI g00617a 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000865 OffV Memento Domine filiorum Edom CI g01239c 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000880 OffV Notus in Iudaea Deus CI g01012a 11 (high, 500pcm) research
USU000768 OffV Declaratio sermonum tuorum CI g00774a 10 (high, 454pcm) research
USU000896 OffV Praecinxisti me virtute CI g00798b 10 (high, 454pcm) research
USU000905 OffV Quam magnificata sunt opera tua CI g00638a 10 (high, 454pcm) research
USU000948 OffV Tu humiliasti CI g00557c 10 (high, 454pcm) research
USU000757 OffV Cantate Domino canticum novum cantate Domino omnis terra CI g00335a 9 (high, 409pcm) research
USU000766 OffV Custodi me Domine CI g00646b 9 (high, 409pcm) research
USU000800 OffV Ego autem dixi in mea abundantia CI g00668b 9 (high, 409pcm) research
USU000802 OffV Eripe me Domine ab homine malo CI g00871a 9 (high, 409pcm) research
USU000814 OffV Exspectans exspectavi Dominum et respexit me et eduxit me CI g00792a 9 (high, 409pcm) research
USU000915 OffV Quia ecce captaverunt CI g00820b 9 (high, 409pcm) research
USU000792 OffV Domini est terra CI g00539a 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000795 OffV Ecce inimici tui CI g00638b 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000859 OffV Loquetur pacem gentibus CI g00527a 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000866 OffV Mirabilis in excelsis CI g00551b 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000869 OffV Misericordia et veritas obviaverunt sibi CI g00499b 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000884 OffV Operuisti omnia peccata eorum CI g00505a 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000895 OffV Praeceptum Domini lucidum CI g00752a 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000906 OffV Qui cogitaverunt supplantare CI g00871b 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000917 OffV Quia factus es adiutor meus CI g00820a 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000932 OffV Respice in me et miserere mei CI g00493b 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000937 OffV Si oblitus fuero CI g01239b 8 (high, 363pcm) research
USU000734 OffV Adorabo ad templum CI g01235b 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000753 OffV Bonum est confiteri Domino CI g01347a 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000765 OffV Cumque intuerentur CI g02180a 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000767 OffV Da mihi intellectum CI g00673b 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000775 OffV Diligam te Domine CI g01024a 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000778 OffV Dixit Dominus ad Moysen CI g01192a 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000805 OffV Et factus est in pace CI g01012b 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000826 OffV Ibi confregit cornu arcuum CI g01012c.2 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000856 OffV Locuti sunt adversum me CI g00766b 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000914 OffV Qui timetis Dominum CI g00781c 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000936 OffV Si iniquitates CI g01257b 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000949 OffV Tuam Deus deposcimus CI g02825a 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000950 OffV Tunc aperientur oculi caecorum CI g00509a 7 (medium, 318pcm) research
USU000728 OffV Accedite ad eum CI g01204d 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000760 OffV Cognoscetur Dominus CI g01149b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000761 OffV Cognovi Domine CI g00774b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000776 OffV Dirige in conspectu tuo CI g00769b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000785 OffV Domine Deus tu cognovisti CI g01210c 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000797 OffV Ego ad te Domine clamavi et mane oratio mea CI g00717b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000798 OffV Ego autem ad Deum clamavi libera animam meam CI g00757b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000804 OffV Et erunt ut complaceant CI g00752b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000815 OffV Exspectans exspectavi Dominum et respexit me et exaudivit deprecationem meam CI g01214a 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000821 OffV Fiant aures tuae CI g01257a 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000828 OffV Iesus stetit in medio eorum CI g01018b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000830 OffV Impulsus versatus sum CI g00629b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000836 OffV In multitudine virtutis tuae CI g01070b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000849 OffV Iustitia eius super filios filiorum CI g00704b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000861 OffV Magnus et metuendus CI g00557a 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000868 OffV Miserere mihi Domine quoniam infirmus sum CI g01137b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000873 OffV Multa fecisti tu Domine CI g01210b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000888 OffV Ostende nobis Domine misericordiam tuam CI g00505b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000904 OffV Quam magna multitudo CI g01198b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000913 OffV Qui statis in domo Domini CI g00781a 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000921 OffV Quomodo in me fiet hoc CI g00533a 6 (medium, 272pcm) research
USU000931 OffV Respice in me et exaudi me CI g01153b 6 (medium, 272pcm) research