Texts in Gradual

Full Propers from Missals of more than 200 different traditions, periodically enlarged and updated in the second phase of the Missalia Project.

UsuID Genres Incipit References Frequency
USU001094 Gr Domine praevenisti CI g01360 2240 (extreme, 3,342pcm) research
USU001287 Gr Posuisti Domine CI g02233 1614 (extreme, 2,408pcm) research
USU001271 Gr Os iusti CI g01343 1561 (extreme, 2,329pcm) research
USU001109 Gr Ecce sacerdos magnus CI g01332 1521 (extreme, 2,269pcm) research
USU001199 Gr Iuravit Dominus CI g02035 1514 (extreme, 2,259pcm) research
USU001167 Gr Gloriosus Deus CI g01311 1508 (extreme, 2,250pcm) research
USU001168 Gr Haec dies CI 8414 1481 (extreme, 2,210pcm) research
USU001197 Gr Inveni David CI g01272 1406 (extreme, 2,098pcm) research
USU001235 Gr Nimis honorati CI g00002 1350 (extreme, 2,014pcm) research
USU001297 Gr Propitius esto CI g00707 1340 (extreme, 1,999pcm) research
USU001200 Gr Iustorum animae CI g00038 1252 (extreme, 1,868pcm) research
USU001205 Gr Iustus ut palma CI g01350 1242 (extreme, 1,853pcm) research
USU001046 Gr Constitues eos CI g00006 1194 (extreme, 1,781pcm) research
USU001383 Gr Vindica Domine CI g00470 1095 (extreme, 1,634pcm) research
USU001343 Gr Specie tua CI g01381 1059 (extreme, 1,580pcm) research
USU001301 Gr Protector noster CI g00709 1041 (extreme, 1,553pcm) research
USU001079 Gr Dilexisti iustitiam CI g01366 1029 (extreme, 1,535pcm) research
USU001144 Gr Exsultabunt sancti CI g00475 962 (extreme, 1,435pcm) research
USU001077 Gr Diffusa est gratia CI g01397 868 (extreme, 1,295pcm) research
USU000997 Gr Audi filia CI g00337 841 (extreme, 1,255pcm) research
USU001080 Gr Dirigatur oratio CI g00713 805 (extreme, 1,201pcm) research
USU001108 Gr Ecce quam bonum CI g00114 799 (extreme, 1,192pcm) research
USU001261 Gr Oculi omnium CI g01127 798 (extreme, 1,190pcm) research
USU001002 Gr Beata gens CI g01217 756 (extreme, 1,128pcm) research
USU001180 Gr Iacta cogitatum CI g01146 758 (extreme, 1,131pcm) research
USU001361 Gr Timete Dominum CI g00478 706 (extreme, 1,053pcm) research
USU001033 Gr Christus factus est CI 505005 696 (extreme, 1,038pcm) research
USU001327 Gr Sacerdotes eius induant salutare CI g01339 674 (extreme, 1,005pcm) research
USU001051 Gr Convertere Domine aliquantulum CI g00711 651 (extreme, 971pcm) research
USU001187 Gr In omnem terram CI g00444 640 (extreme, 955pcm) research
USU001037 Gr Clamaverunt iusti CI g01326 631 (extreme, 941pcm) research
USU001360 Gr Timebunt gentes CI g00626 629 (extreme, 938pcm) research
USU001008 Gr Beatus vir qui timet CI g01291 625 (extreme, 932pcm) research
USU001207 Gr Laetatus sum CI g00777 614 (extreme, 916pcm) research
USU001204 Gr Iustus non conturbabitur CI g02344 579 (extreme, 864pcm) research
USU000982 Gr Adiuvabit eam CI g01374 572 (extreme, 853pcm) research
USU000975 Gr Ad Dominum cum tribularer CI g01134 560 (extreme, 835pcm) research
USU001376 Gr Venite filii CI g01162 554 (extreme, 826pcm) research
USU001296 Gr Prope est CI g00530 507 (extreme, 756pcm) research
USU001363 Gr Tollite portas CI g02220 501 (extreme, 747pcm) research
USU001380 Gr Viderunt omnes CI g00554 496 (extreme, 740pcm) research
USU001065 Gr Custodi me CI g01179 483 (extreme, 720pcm) research
USU001026 Gr Bonum est confiteri CI g01207 482 (extreme, 719pcm) research
USU001133 Gr Esto mihi CI g01168 476 (extreme, 710pcm) research
USU001322 Gr Respice Domine CI g01195 475 (extreme, 708pcm) research
USU000990 Gr Anima nostra sicut passer CI g00570 469 (extreme, 699pcm) research
USU001185 Gr In Deo speravit CI g01184 460 (extreme, 686pcm) research
USU001025 Gr Bonum est confidere CI g01201 438 (extreme, 653pcm) research
USU001229 Gr Misit Dominus CI g00620 432 (extreme, 644pcm) research
USU001011 Gr Benedicite Domino omnes angeli eius CI g02712 415 (extreme, 619pcm) research
USU000973 Gr Ab occultis meis CI g00760 414 (extreme, 617pcm) research
USU001024 Gr Benedictus qui venit CI g00548 404 (extreme, 602pcm) research
USU001365 Gr Tribulationes cordis mei CI g00720 400 (extreme, 596pcm) research
USU001214 Gr Liberasti nos CI g01254 398 (extreme, 593pcm) research
USU001338 Gr Si ambulem CI g00772 398 (extreme, 593pcm) research
USU001263 Gr Omnes de Saba CI g00597 387 (extreme, 577pcm) research
USU001306 Gr Qui operatus est Petro CI g00046 368 (extreme, 549pcm) research
USU001273 Gr Pacifice loquebantur CI g00825 363 (extreme, 541pcm) research
USU001330 Gr Salvum fac populum tuum CI g00737 358 (extreme, 534pcm) research
USU001331 Gr Salvum fac servum tuum CI g00702 356 (extreme, 531pcm) research
USU000985 Gr Angelis suis CI g00676 345 (extreme, 514pcm) research
USU001336 Gr Sederunt principes CI g00560 345 (extreme, 514pcm) research
USU001371 Gr Unam petii CI g00671 345 (extreme, 514pcm) research
USU001354 Gr Tecum principium CI g00542 316 (extreme, 471pcm) research
USU001095 Gr Domine refugium CI g01242 308 (extreme, 459pcm) research
USU001344 Gr Speciosus forma CI g00579 297 (extreme, 443pcm) research
USU000978 Gr Adiutor in opportunitatibus CI g00632 286 (extreme, 426pcm) research
USU001165 Gr Gloria et honore CI g01282 280 (extreme, 417pcm) research
USU001075 Gr Deus vitam meam CI g00755 278 (extreme, 414pcm) research
USU001090 Gr Domine Dominus noster CI g01174 275 (extreme, 410pcm) research
USU001022 Gr Benedictus es Domine qui intueris abyssos CI g01117 268 (extreme, 399pcm) research
USU001335 Gr Sciant gentes CI g00641 270 (extreme, 402pcm) research
USU000972 Gr A summo caelo CI g00515 264 (extreme, 393pcm) research
USU001146 Gr Exsurge Domine fer opem nobis CI g00786 261 (extreme, 389pcm) research
USU001307 Gr Qui sedes CI g00502 260 (extreme, 387pcm) research
USU001115 Gr Ego dixi Domine CI g01123 258 (extreme, 385pcm) research
USU001366 Gr Tu es Deus CI g00649 258 (extreme, 385pcm) research
USU001021 Gr Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel CI g00614 256 (extreme, 382pcm) research
USU001320 Gr Requiem aeternam CI g01567 255 (extreme, 380pcm) research
USU001082 Gr Dispersit dedit pauperibus CI g00328 252 (extreme, 376pcm) research
USU001272 Gr Ostende nobis CI g00511 250 (extreme, 373pcm) research
USU001293 Gr Priusquam te formarem CI g00240 250 (extreme, 373pcm) research
USU001142 Gr Exiit sermo CI g00565 249 (extreme, 371pcm) research
USU001233 Gr Ne avertas CI g00874 246 (extreme, 367pcm) research
USU001362 Gr Tollite hostias CI g00822 243 (extreme, 362pcm) research
USU001295 Gr Probasti Domine cor meum CI g00332 242 (extreme, 361pcm) research
USU001358 Gr Tibi Domine derelictus est pauper CI g00796 242 (extreme, 361pcm) research
USU001009 Gr Benedicam Dominum in omni tempore CI g01189 241 (extreme, 359pcm) research
USU001189 Gr In sole posuit CI g00517 241 (extreme, 359pcm) research
USU001311 Gr Quis sicut Dominus CI g01223 241 (extreme, 359pcm) research
USU001356 Gr Tenuisti manum CI g00846 239 (extreme, 356pcm) research
USU001137 Gr Exaltabo te CI g00818 238 (extreme, 355pcm) research
USU001147 Gr Exsurge Domine non praevaleat homo CI g00745 238 (extreme, 355pcm) research
USU001372 Gr Universi CI g00490 237 (extreme, 353pcm) research
USU001081 Gr Discerne causam meam CI g00814 236 (extreme, 352pcm) research
USU000979 Gr Adiutor meus et liberator meus CI g00729 235 (extreme, 350pcm) research
USU001145 Gr Exsurge Domine et intende CI g00865 235 (extreme, 350pcm) research
USU001113 Gr Ego autem dum mihi CI g00869 233 (extreme, 347pcm) research
USU001089 Gr Domine Deus virtutum CI g00519 232 (extreme, 346pcm) research
USU001135 Gr Ex Sion species CI g00496 232 (extreme, 346pcm) research