Texts in Introit

Full Propers from Missals of more than 200 different traditions, periodically enlarged and updated in the second phase of the Missalia Project.

UsuID Genres Incipit References Frequency
USU00298 Intr Respice in me CI g01145 248 (high, 341pcm) research
USU00184 Intr Intret oratio CI g00706 247 (high, 340pcm) research
USU00285 Intr Quasi modo geniti infantes CI g01049 247 (high, 340pcm) research
USU00330 Intr Sitientes CI g00795 247 (high, 340pcm) research
USU00063 Intr Deus dum egredieris CI g01102 244 (high, 335pcm) research
USU00077 Intr Dispersit dedit pauperibus CI g00327 244 (high, 335pcm) research
USU00113 Intr Ego autem in Domino CI g00763 244 (high, 335pcm) research
USU00082 Intr Domine in tua misericordia CI g01122 243 (high, 334pcm) research
USU00243 Intr Ne derelinquas CI g00736 243 (high, 334pcm) research
USU00011 Intr Aqua sapientiae CI g01020 241 (high, 331pcm) research
USU00342 Intr Terribilis est CI g01401 241 (high, 331pcm) research
USU00090 Intr Dominus illuminatio CI g01151 240 (high, 330pcm) research
USU00191 Intr Iudica Domine CI g00864 240 (high, 330pcm) research
USU00351 Intr Veni et ostende CI g00514 239 (high, 329pcm) research
USU00066 Intr Deus in nomine tuo CI g00783 237 (high, 326pcm) research
USU00218 Intr Liberator meus CI g00817 237 (high, 326pcm) research
USU00001 Intr Accipite iucunditatem CI g02104 236 (high, 324pcm) research
USU00100 Intr Ecce Deus adiuvat me CI g01173 236 (high, 324pcm) research
USU00238 Intr Misericordia Domini plena est terra CI g01053 236 (high, 324pcm) research
USU00257 Intr Oculi mei CI g00744 235 (high, 323pcm) research
USU00109 Intr Eduxit Dominus CI g01044 234 (high, 322pcm) research
USU00186 Intr Invocavit me CI g00675 234 (high, 322pcm) research
USU00203 Intr Laetare Ierusalem CI g00776 234 (high, 322pcm) research
USU00233 Intr Miserere mihi Domine quoniam ad te clamavi CI g01212 234 (high, 322pcm) research
USU00359 Intr Victricem manum CI g01032 234 (high, 322pcm) research
USU00110 Intr Eduxit eos CI g01038 233 (high, 320pcm) research
USU00136 Intr Exsultate Deo CI g01222 233 (high, 320pcm) research
USU00189 Intr Iubilate Deo omnis terra CI g01058 233 (high, 320pcm) research
USU00234 Intr Miserere mihi Domine quoniam conculcavit CI g00809 233 (high, 320pcm) research
USU00290 Intr Redime me CI g00728 233 (high, 320pcm) research
USU00135 Intr Exspecta Dominum 232 (high, 319pcm) research
USU00343 Intr Tibi dixit CI g00733 232 (high, 319pcm) research
USU00357 Intr Verba mea CI g00771 232 (high, 319pcm) research
USU00140 Intr Factus est Dominus CI g01133 231 (high, 318pcm) research
USU00165 Intr In Deo laudabo CI g00754 231 (high, 318pcm) research
USU00226 Intr Meditatio cordis mei CI g00793 231 (high, 318pcm) research
USU00185 Intr Introduxit vos CI g01014 230 (high, 316pcm) research
USU00030 Intr Cantate Domino canticum novum CI g01063 229 (high, 315pcm) research
USU00116 Intr Ego clamavi CI g00759 229 (high, 315pcm) research
USU00150 Intr Gaudete in Domino semper CI g00501 228 (high, 313pcm) research
USU00279 Intr Prope esto CI g02397 227 (high, 312pcm) research
USU00155 Intr Hodie scietis CI g00535 224 (high, 308pcm) research
USU00002 Intr Ad te levavi CI g00489 223 (high, 306pcm) research
USU00273 Intr Populus Sion CI g00495 223 (high, 306pcm) research
USU00245 Intr Ne timeas Zacharia CI g00236 221 (high, 304pcm) research
USU00093 Intr Dominus secus mare CI g00001 213 (high, 293pcm) research
USU00070 Intr Dicit Dominus Petro CI g00255 208 (high, 286pcm) research
USU00278 Intr Probasti Domine CI g02209 204 (high, 280pcm) research
USU00229 Intr Memento nostri CI g02156 189 (medium, 260pcm) research
USU00288 Intr Recordare Domine testamenti CI g01538 178 (medium, 245pcm) research
USU00156 Intr Humiliavit semetipsum CI g01469 158 (medium, 217pcm) research
USU00326 Intr Si enim credimus CI g02389 111 (medium, 152pcm) research
USU00208 Intr Laetemur omnes CI g02037 70 (low, 96pcm) research
USU00259 Intr Offerentur regi 65 (low, 89pcm) research
USU00018 Intr Ave spes nostra 58 (low, 79pcm) research
USU00345 Intr Transite ad me CI g03483 57 (low, 78pcm) research
USU00049 Intr Congratulamini omnes 51 (low, 70pcm) research
USU00121 Intr Egredimini et videte CI g02872 50 (low, 68pcm) research
USU00122 Intr Egregie Christi martyr 46 (low, 63pcm) research
USU00142 Intr Foderunt manus meas CI g01636 46 (low, 63pcm) research
USU00187 Intr Ioannes autem cum audisset 41 (low, 56pcm) research
USU00055 Intr Cumque vidisset Iesus matrem 39 (low, 53pcm) research
USU00361 Intr Viderunt ingressus tuos CI g02699 38 (low, 52pcm) research
USU00106 Intr Ecce sacerdos magnus 35 (low, 48pcm) research
USU00080 Intr Domine dilexi CI g02160 34 (low, 46pcm) research
USU00251 Intr O beatum virum CI g02817 34 (low, 46pcm) research
USU00315 Intr Salvos nos fac 34 (low, 46pcm) research
USU00153 Intr Gloriosae Virginis CI g02806 33 (low, 45pcm) research
USU00323 Intr Scitote quoniam 33 (low, 45pcm) research
USU00067 Intr Deus Israel CI g01501 30 (low, 41pcm) research
USU00028 Intr Caeli enarrant CI g03189 28 (low, 38pcm) research
USU00084 Intr Domine praevenisti 26 (low, 35pcm) research
USU00117 Intr Ego sum Azarias 24 (low, 33pcm) research
USU00174 Intr In omnem terram CI g02815 22 (low, 30pcm) research
USU00007 Intr Alma Virgo virginum 20 (low, 27pcm) research
USU00360 Intr Vide Domine quoniam tribulor 20 (low, 27pcm) research
USU00240 Intr Missus est CI g03153 19 (low, 26pcm) research
USU00118 Intr Ego sum panis vivus CI g02276 18 (low, 24pcm) research
USU00313 Intr Salve sancte custos 18 (low, 24pcm) research
USU00182 Intr Intonuit de caelo CI 006850a 17 (low, 23pcm) research
USU00207 Intr Laetemur hodie CI g04227 16 (low, 22pcm) research
USU00023 Intr Benedic anima mea 15 (low, 20pcm) research
USU00169 Intr In lacrimae praeconium 14 (low, 19pcm) research
USU00350 Intr Veneremur omnes 14 (low, 19pcm) research
USU00092 Intr Dominus regnavit 12 (low, 16pcm) research
USU00253 Intr O rex regum 13 (low, 17pcm) research
USU00266 Intr Panem de caelo CI g02537 12 (low, 16pcm) research
USU00274 Intr Posuisti Domine 12 (low, 16pcm) research
USU00322 Intr Scio quod Redemptor 12 (low, 16pcm) research
USU00052 Intr Convertere Domine 11 (low, 15pcm) research
USU00271 Intr Placuit divinae providentiae CI 501006 11 (low, 15pcm) research
USU00026 Intr Benedicta tu a Deo 10 (low, 13pcm) research
USU00101 Intr Ecce ego mitto 10 (low, 13pcm) research
USU00334 Intr Stabant iuxta Crucem 10 (low, 13pcm) research
USU00045 Intr Collaudemus venerantes 9 (low, 12pcm) research
USU00197 Intr Iustorum animae CI g04226 9 (low, 12pcm) research
USU00223 Intr Magnificatus est rex CI g02279 9 (low, 12pcm) research
USU00224 Intr Marthae piae 9 (low, 12pcm) research
USU00239 Intr Misit Dominus angelum suum CI g02647 9 (low, 12pcm) research
USU00247 Intr Nimis honorati 9 (low, 12pcm) research