Texts in Communion

Full Propers from Missals of more than 200 different traditions, periodically enlarged and updated in the second phase of the Missalia Project.

UsuID Genres Incipit References Frequency
USU002889 Comm Beatus servus CI g01354 3154 (extreme, 4,526pcm) research
USU003139 Comm Magna est gloria eius CI g01261 2067 (extreme, 2,966pcm) research
USU003119 Comm Iustorum animae CI g00209 1759 (extreme, 2,524pcm) research
USU003234 Comm Posuisti Domine CI g01289 1535 (extreme, 2,202pcm) research
USU003258 Comm Qui vult venire post me CI g01293 1504 (extreme, 2,158pcm) research
USU002964 Comm Domine quinque talenta CI g00012 1369 (extreme, 1,964pcm) research
USU003233 Comm Posuerunt mortalia CI g00472 1367 (extreme, 1,961pcm) research
USU002952 Comm Diffusa est gratia CI g00302 1322 (extreme, 1,897pcm) research
USU002999 Comm Ego vos elegi CI g00225 1119 (extreme, 1,605pcm) research
USU003043 Comm Gaudete iusti CI g01309 917 (extreme, 1,316pcm) research
USU003301 Comm Simile est regnum caelorum homini negotiatori CI g01393 882 (extreme, 1,265pcm) research
USU002989 Comm Ecce Virgo concipiet CI 503007 863 (extreme, 1,238pcm) research
USU003263 Comm Quinque prudentes CI g01389 776 (extreme, 1,113pcm) research
USU003128 Comm Laetabitur iustus CI g01304 751 (extreme, 1,077pcm) research
USU002998 Comm Ego sum vitis vera CI g02065 745 (extreme, 1,069pcm) research
USU003007 Comm Et si coram hominibus CI g01318 657 (extreme, 942pcm) research
USU003159 Comm Multitudo languentium CI g00043 621 (extreme, 891pcm) research
USU003330 Comm Tu mandasti CI g01236 609 (extreme, 873pcm) research
USU002842 Comm Amen dico vobis quicquid orantes petitis CI g01258 578 (extreme, 829pcm) research
USU003329 Comm Tu es Petrus CI g00262 565 (extreme, 810pcm) research
USU002892 Comm Benedicimus Deum caeli et coram omnibus viventibus CI g01121 538 (extreme, 772pcm) research
USU003025 Comm Factus est repente CI g01446 538 (extreme, 772pcm) research
USU002953 Comm Dilexisti iustitiam CI g01400 531 (extreme, 762pcm) research
USU002835 Comm Acceptabis sacrificium CI g01182 519 (extreme, 744pcm) research
USU003366 Comm Viderunt omnes fines terrae CI g00558 519 (extreme, 744pcm) research
USU003150 Comm Memento verbi tui CI g01240 515 (extreme, 739pcm) research
USU003252 Comm Qui manducat CI g01177 511 (extreme, 733pcm) research
USU003293 Comm Semel iuravi CI g01279 487 (extreme, 698pcm) research
USU003026 Comm Feci iudicium CI g01379 486 (extreme, 697pcm) research
USU003161 Comm Narrabo omnia CI g02185 485 (extreme, 696pcm) research
USU002962 Comm Domine memorabor CI g01215 481 (extreme, 690pcm) research
USU003213 Comm Panis quem ego dedero CI g01211 481 (extreme, 690pcm) research
USU003255 Comm Qui mihi ministrat CI g01299 455 (extreme, 652pcm) research
USU003103 Comm Intellige clamorem meum CI g00727 453 (extreme, 650pcm) research
USU002850 Comm Anima nostra sicut passer CI g02147 427 (extreme, 612pcm) research
USU002844 Comm Amen dico vobis quod vos qui reliquistis omnia CI g01358 421 (extreme, 604pcm) research
USU003324 Comm Tolle puerum CI g00581 421 (extreme, 604pcm) research
USU003153 Comm Mirabantur omnes CI g00630 415 (extreme, 595pcm) research
USU003217 Comm Pater cum essem CI g01087 410 (extreme, 588pcm) research
USU003271 Comm Redime me Deus Israel CI g00816 410 (extreme, 588pcm) research
USU002894 Comm Benedicite omnes angeli CI g00398 404 (extreme, 579pcm) research
USU002951 Comm Dico vobis gaudium est CI g01150 401 (extreme, 575pcm) research
USU003097 Comm Inclina aurem tuam CI g01166 391 (extreme, 561pcm) research
USU003295 Comm Servite Domino in timore CI g00674 390 (extreme, 559pcm) research
USU003059 Comm Hoc corpus CI g00808 383 (extreme, 549pcm) research
USU003367 Comm Vidimus stellam eius CI g00601 377 (extreme, 541pcm) research
USU002925 Comm Confundantur superbi CI g01372 376 (extreme, 539pcm) research
USU003163 Comm Ne tradideris me CI g00828 361 (extreme, 518pcm) research
USU003155 Comm Mitte manum tuam CI g01052 355 (extreme, 509pcm) research
USU003266 Comm Quod dico vobis in tenebris CI g01330 352 (extreme, 505pcm) research
USU003364 Comm Video caelos apertos CI g00564 349 (extreme, 500pcm) research
USU002843 Comm Amen dico vobis quod uni ex minimis meis fecistis CI g00695 333 (extreme, 477pcm) research
USU003094 Comm In splendoribus sanctorum CI g00546 330 (extreme, 473pcm) research
USU003078 Comm Illumina faciem tuam CI g00639 326 (extreme, 467pcm) research
USU003229 Comm Petite et accipietis CI g01078 323 (extreme, 463pcm) research
USU002833 Comm Ab occultis meis CI g00784 321 (extreme, 460pcm) research
USU003261 Comm Quicumque fecerit CI g00117 308 (extreme, 442pcm) research
USU003328 Comm Tu Domine servabis nos CI g00741 308 (extreme, 442pcm) research
USU003015 Comm Exiit sermo CI g00568 298 (extreme, 427pcm) research
USU003363 Comm Videns Dominus flentes sorores Lazari CI g00794 297 (extreme, 426pcm) research
USU003173 Comm Non vos relinquam orphanos CI g01108 294 (extreme, 421pcm) research
USU003254 Comm Qui meditabitur CI g00669 293 (extreme, 420pcm) research
USU003299 Comm Signa eos qui in me credunt CI g00326 290 (extreme, 416pcm) research
USU003093 Comm In salutari tuo CI g01246 285 (extreme, 409pcm) research
USU003211 Comm Pacem meam do vobis CI g01105 285 (extreme, 409pcm) research
USU002996 Comm Ego sum pastor bonus CI g01057 278 (extreme, 398pcm) research
USU003311 Comm Spiritus ubi vult spirat CI g01115 273 (extreme, 391pcm) research
USU003016 Comm Exsulta filia Sion CI g00552 267 (extreme, 383pcm) research
USU003214 Comm Pascha nostrum CI g01013 267 (extreme, 383pcm) research
USU003342 Comm Ultimo festivitatis die CI g01089 266 (extreme, 381pcm) research
USU002942 Comm De fructu operum CI g01193 262 (extreme, 376pcm) research
USU003243 Comm Psallite Domino CI g01083 262 (extreme, 376pcm) research
USU002935 Comm Cum invocarem CI g00697 260 (extreme, 373pcm) research
USU002970 Comm Dominus dabit benignitatem CI g00494 259 (extreme, 371pcm) research
USU003325 Comm Tollite hostias CI g01232 257 (extreme, 368pcm) research
USU003215 Comm Passer invenit CI g00753 255 (extreme, 365pcm) research
USU002958 Comm Domine Deus meus in te speravi CI g00718 254 (extreme, 364pcm) research
USU003310 Comm Spiritus Sanctus docebit vos CI g01098 254 (extreme, 364pcm) research
USU003332 Comm Tu puer propheta CI g00243 253 (extreme, 363pcm) research
USU003382 Comm Vovete et reddite CI g01221 251 (extreme, 360pcm) research
USU003141 Comm Manducaverunt CI g00656 250 (extreme, 358pcm) research
USU003279 Comm Revelabitur gloria CI g00540 250 (extreme, 358pcm) research
USU002950 Comm Dico autem vobis amicis meis CI g01324 249 (extreme, 357pcm) research
USU003032 Comm Fili quid fecisti CI g00618 249 (extreme, 357pcm) research
USU003237 Comm Principes persecuti sunt me CI g01395 247 (extreme, 354pcm) research
USU003004 Comm Erubescant et conturbentur CI g00705 246 (extreme, 353pcm) research
USU003309 Comm Spiritus qui a Patre CI g01101 246 (extreme, 353pcm) research
USU003318 Comm Surrexit Dominus et apparuit Petro CI g01019 244 (extreme, 350pcm) research
USU003383 Comm Vox in Rama CI g00577 243 (extreme, 348pcm) research
USU002974 Comm Dominus regit me CI g00799 242 (extreme, 347pcm) research
USU003127 Comm Laetabimur in salutari tuo CI g00788 242 (extreme, 347pcm) research
USU002994 Comm Ego clamavi CI g01252 241 (extreme, 345pcm) research
USU002975 Comm Dominus virtutum CI g00812 240 (extreme, 344pcm) research
USU002972 Comm Dominus firmamentum meum CI g01154 239 (extreme, 342pcm) research
USU002948 Comm Dicit Dominus implete hydrias aqua CI g00624 238 (extreme, 341pcm) research
USU003052 Comm Gustate et videte CI g01172 238 (extreme, 341pcm) research
USU003177 Comm Notas mihi fecisti CI g00767 238 (extreme, 341pcm) research
USU003236 Comm Primum quaerite regnum Dei CI g01205 238 (extreme, 341pcm) research
USU003005 Comm Erubescant et revereantur CI g00868 237 (extreme, 340pcm) research
USU003137 Comm Lutum fecit CI g00790 237 (extreme, 340pcm) research