Texts in Offertory

Full Propers from Missals of more than 200 different traditions, periodically enlarged and updated in the second phase of the Missalia Project.

UsuID Genres Incipit References Frequency
USU00719 Off Veritas mea CI g01278 3547 (5.4886%, 5,488pcm) research
USU00530 Off Gloria et honore coronasti eum CI g01260 2497 (3.8638%, 3,863pcm) research
USU00572 Off Laetamini in Domino CI g00116 2028 (3.1381%, 3,138pcm) research
USU00562 Off Inveni David CI g01288 1529 (2.3660%, 2,365pcm) research
USU00450 Off Desiderium animae eius CI g01363 1462 (2.2623%, 2,262pcm) research
USU00433 Off Confitebuntur caeli CI g01303 1413 (2.1865%, 2,186pcm) research
USU00517 Off Filiae regum CI g01388 1385 (2.1431%, 2,143pcm) research
USU00592 Off Mirabilis Deus in sanctis suis CI g01317 1371 (2.1215%, 2,121pcm) research
USU00554 Off In virtute tua CI g01357 1365 (2.1122%, 2,112pcm) research
USU00550 Off In omnem terram CI g00025 1308 (2.0240%, 2,023pcm) research
USU00637 Off Posuisti Domine CI g01298 1200 (1.8569%, 1,856pcm) research
USU00506 Off Exsultabunt sancti CI g01323 1170 (1.8104%, 1,810pcm) research
USU00391 Off Anima nostra sicut passer CI g00576 1114 (1.7238%, 1,723pcm) research
USU00532 Off Gloriabuntur CI g00244 1050 (1.6248%, 1,624pcm) research
USU00457 Off Diffusa est CI g01378 970 (1.5010%, 1,500pcm) research
USU00570 Off Iustus ut palma CI g01347 961 (1.4870%, 1,487pcm) research
USU00378 Off Ad te Domine levavi animam meam CI g00493 909 (1.4066%, 1,406pcm) research
USU00399 Off Ave Maria gratia plena CI g00533 897 (1.3880%, 1,388pcm) research
USU00456 Off Dextera Domini CI g00629 840 (1.2998%, 1,299pcm) research
USU00591 Off Mihi autem nimis CI g00009 728 (1.1265%, 1,126pcm) research
USU00590 Off Meditabor in mandatis tuis CI g00726 715 (1.1064%, 1,106pcm) research
USU00438 Off Constitues eos CI g00261 680 (1.0522%, 1,052pcm) research
USU00694 Off Sperent in te omnes qui noverunt CI g01149 671 (1.0383%, 1,038pcm) research
USU00454 Off Deus enim firmavit CI g00551 624 (0.9656%, 965pcm) research
USU00634 Off Populum humilem CI g01171 607 (0.9393%, 939pcm) research
USU00429 Off Confirma hoc CI g01094 600 (0.9284%, 928pcm) research
USU00646 Off Protege Domine plebem tuam CI g00376 590 (0.9130%, 912pcm) research
USU00467 Off Domine Deus salutis meae CI g00717 550 (0.8511%, 851pcm) research
USU00473 Off Domine in auxilium meum respice CI g01214 539 (0.8340%, 834pcm) research
USU00671 Off Repleti sumus CI g02066 528 (0.8170%, 817pcm) research
USU00690 Off Si ambulavero CI g01235 518 (0.8015%, 801pcm) research
USU00488 Off Emitte Spiritum tuum CI g01088 508 (0.7861%, 786pcm) research
USU00631 Off Perfice gressus meos CI g00646 504 (0.7799%, 779pcm) research
USU00541 Off Immittit angelus CI g01204 487 (0.7536%, 753pcm) research
USU00497 Off Exaltabo te Domine quoniam suscepisti me CI g00668 485 (0.7505%, 750pcm) research
USU00575 Off Lauda anima mea CI g01061 483 (0.7474%, 747pcm) research
USU00455 Off Deus tu convertens CI g00499 478 (0.7397%, 739pcm) research
USU00419 Off Benedictus sit Deus Pater CI g01120 477 (0.7381%, 738pcm) research
USU00411 Off Benedicam Dominum qui mihi tribuit intellectum CI g00731 462 (0.7149%, 714pcm) research
USU00559 Off Intende voci orationis meae CI g00769 462 (0.7149%, 714pcm) research
USU00410 Off Benedic anima mea Domino et noli oblivisci CI g00704 460 (0.7118%, 711pcm) research
USU00635 Off Portas caeli CI g01030 457 (0.7072%, 707pcm) research
USU00712 Off Tui sunt caeli CI g00557 450 (0.6963%, 696pcm) research
USU00642 Off Precatus est Moyses CI g01192 447 (0.6917%, 691pcm) research
USU00704 Off Super flumina Babylonis CI g01239 447 (0.6917%, 691pcm) research
USU00414 Off Benedicite gentes CI g01070 444 (0.6870%, 687pcm) research
USU00539 Off Illumina oculos meos nequando obdormiam CI g01153 444 (0.6870%, 687pcm) research
USU00503 Off Exspectans exspectavi Dominum CI g01210 438 (0.6778%, 677pcm) research
USU00691 Off Sicut in holocausto arietum CI g01165 435 (0.6731%, 673pcm) research
USU00567 Off Iustitiae Domini rectae CI g00752 429 (0.6638%, 663pcm) research
USU00560 Off Intonuit de caelo CI g01024 428 (0.6623%, 662pcm) research
USU00445 Off De profundis CI g01257 400 (0.6190%, 618pcm) research
USU00464 Off Domine convertere et eripe CI g01137 391 (0.6050%, 605pcm) research
USU00697 Off Stetit angelus CI g00397 388 (0.6004%, 600pcm) research
USU00665 Off Reges Tharsis CI g00600 356 (0.5509%, 550pcm) research
USU00617 Off Offerentur 'minus' CI g00083 338 (0.5230%, 523pcm) research
USU00416 Off Benedictus es Domine doce me iustificationes tuas et non tradas CI g00827 332 (0.5137%, 513pcm) research
USU00593 Off Miserere mihi Domine secundum magnam misericordiam tuam CI g00734 326 (0.5044%, 504pcm) research
USU00476 Off Domine vivifica me CI g00673 318 (0.4921%, 492pcm) research
USU00394 Off Ascendit Deus in iubilatione CI g01082 303 (0.4689%, 468pcm) research
USU00509 Off Factus est Dominus firmamentum meum CI g00798 292 (0.4518%, 451pcm) research
USU00574 Off Laetentur caeli CI g00545 287 (0.4441%, 444pcm) research
USU00616 Off Offerentur 'maius' CI g02069 284 (0.4395%, 439pcm) research
USU00723 Off Viri Galilaei CI g02180 282 (0.4364%, 436pcm) research
USU00535 Off Gressus meos dirige CI g00774 257 (0.3977%, 397pcm) research
USU00659 Off Recordare mei Domine omni potentatui CI g01251 257 (0.3977%, 397pcm) research
USU00684 Off Sanctificavit Moyses CI g01231 257 (0.3977%, 397pcm) research
USU00487 Off Elegerunt apostoli CI g00563 254 (0.3930%, 393pcm) research
USU00431 Off Confitebor Domino nimis in ore meo CI g01077 252 (0.3899%, 389pcm) research
USU00707 Off Terra tremuit CI g01012 248 (0.3838%, 383pcm) research
USU00545 Off In die sollemnitatis vestrae CI g01036 242 (0.3745%, 374pcm) research
USU00472 Off Domine Iesu Christe rex gloriae CI g01573 236 (0.3652%, 365pcm) research
USU00418 Off Benedictus qui venit CI g01047 235 (0.3636%, 363pcm) research
USU00493 Off Erit vobis hic dies CI g01042 234 (0.3621%, 362pcm) research
USU00543 Off Improperium exspectavit CI g00862 227 (0.3513%, 351pcm) research
USU00577 Off Laudate Dominum quia benignus est CI g00781 222 (0.3435%, 343pcm) research
USU00420 Off Benedixisti Domine terram tuam CI g00505 221 (0.3420%, 341pcm) research
USU00721 Off Vir erat in terra CI g01245 220 (0.3404%, 340pcm) research
USU00421 Off Bonum est confiteri Domino et psallere CI g00638 219 (0.3389%, 338pcm) research
USU00453 Off Deus Deus meus ad te de luce vigilo CI g01056 219 (0.3389%, 338pcm) research
USU00505 Off Exsulta satis filia Sion CI g00527 219 (0.3389%, 338pcm) research
USU00443 Off Custodi me Domine de manu CI g00871 218 (0.3373%, 337pcm) research
USU00687 Off Scapulis suis CI g00691 217 (0.3358%, 335pcm) research
USU00470 Off Domine fac mecum CI g00766 216 (0.3342%, 334pcm) research
USU00465 Off Domine Deus in simplicitate CI g01406 215 (0.3327%, 332pcm) research
USU00623 Off Oravi Deum CI g01220 215 (0.3327%, 332pcm) research
USU00708 Off Tollite portas CI g00539 210 (0.3250%, 324pcm) research
USU00428 Off Confessio et pulchritudo CI g00335 209 (0.3234%, 323pcm) research
USU00434 Off Confortamini et iam nolite timere CI g00509 209 (0.3234%, 323pcm) research
USU00622 Off Oratio mea CI g00330 203 (0.3141%, 314pcm) research
USU00674 Off Sacerdotes Dei incensum CI g03116 199 (0.3079%, 307pcm) research
USU00579 Off Levabo oculos meos CI g00694 158 (0.2445%, 244pcm) research
USU00663 Off Recordare Virgo mater CI 502003 156 (0.2414%, 241pcm) research
USU00699 Off Stetit pontifex CI g01541 155 (0.2398%, 239pcm) research
USU00389 Off Angelus Domini descendit CI g01018 146 (0.2259%, 225pcm) research
USU00557 Off Insurrexerunt in me CI g01478 140 (0.2166%, 216pcm) research
USU00463 Off Domine ad adiuvandum CI g00792 117 (0.1810%, 181pcm) research
USU00710 Off Tu es Petrus CI g00035 106 (0.1640%, 164pcm) research
USU00405 Off Beata es Virgo Maria CI g00277 103 (0.1594%, 159pcm) research
USU00568 Off Iustorum animae CI g00481 102 (0.1578%, 157pcm) research