Texts in Introit

Full Propers from Missals of more than 200 different traditions, periodically enlarged and updated in the second phase of the Missalia Project.

UsuID Genres Incipit References Frequency
USU00364 Intr Vir Dei Benedictus 9 (low, 12pcm) research
USU00371 Intr Vox de caelis Catherinae redditur 9 (low, 12pcm) research
USU00232 Intr Miserere mei Domine quoniam conturbatus est oculus 8 (low, 10pcm) research
USU00304 Intr Sacrificent Domino 8 (low, 10pcm) research
USU00372 Intr Vox Domini super aquas 8 (low, 10pcm) research
USU00108 Intr Ecce vidimus 7 (low, 9pcm) research
USU00188 Intr Ioseph fili David 7 (low, 9pcm) research
USU00249 Intr Nos autem venerari 7 (low, 9pcm) research
USU00289 Intr Recordare mater pia 7 (low, 9pcm) research
USU00296 Intr Respice Domine de excelso 7 (low, 9pcm) research
USU00349 Intr Uxor tua 7 (low, 9pcm) research
USU00009 Intr Angelus Domini apparuit CI g01611 6 (low, 8pcm) research
USU00107 Intr Ecce vidi 6 (low, 8pcm) research
USU00146 Intr Gaude Virgo singularis 6 (low, 8pcm) research
USU00214 Intr Laudans invocabo 6 (low, 8pcm) research
USU00291 Intr Reges Tharsis 6 (low, 8pcm) research
USU00319 Intr Sanctus Deus CI g02339 6 (low, 8pcm) research
USU00331 Intr Sperent in te CI g02645 6 (low, 8pcm) research
USU00076 Intr Dirige me CI g00701b 5 (low, 6pcm) research
USU00096 Intr Dum discernit caelestis 5 (low, 6pcm) research
USU00154 Intr Gratulemur omnes digne 5 (low, 6pcm) research
USU00019 Intr Beatus Martinus 4 (low, 5pcm) research
USU00051 Intr Conturbatus est 4 (low, 5pcm) research
USU00073 Intr Dilectus Deo et hominibus 4 (low, 5pcm) research
USU00104 Intr Ecce hodie 4 (low, 5pcm) research
USU00166 Intr In die illa erit germen 4 (low, 5pcm) research
USU00255 Intr Obtentu matris 4 (low, 5pcm) research
USU00256 Intr Oculi Domini 4 (low, 5pcm) research
USU00012 Intr Astitit regina 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00017 Intr Ave gemma 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00021 Intr Beatus quem elegisti 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00029 Intr Canite tuba 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00078 Intr Dixit archangelus Raphael 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00102 Intr Ecce elongavi 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00132 Intr Excelsus Deus exaltavit Honoratum 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00141 Intr Filius principis 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00216 Intr Laudem Domini 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00246 Intr Ne tradas 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00261 Intr Omni tempore 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00269 Intr Peccavi super arenam maris 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00309 Intr Salve sancta candida rosa 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00310 Intr Salve sancta Dei facies 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00352 Intr Veni in altitudinem 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00353 Intr Veni pulcherrima mea 3 (low, 4pcm) research
USU00010 Intr Antequam comedam suspiro 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00014 Intr Audivi vocem 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00033 Intr Celebremus exsultantes sancti festa Blasii 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00034 Intr Celebremus omnes 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00036 Intr Christo confixa sum Cruci 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00040 Intr Clamaverunt ad te 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00042 Intr Cogitavi cum cordis amaritudine 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00046 Intr Concrescat ut pluvia 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00048 Intr Confessionem et decorem 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00053 Intr Crucem sanctam subiit 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00054 Intr Cum discessit 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00061 Intr Defecerunt sicut fumus 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00062 Intr Deus Deus meus CI g02634 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00074 Intr Dilexisti Crucem 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00079 Intr Domine Deus qui conteris 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00081 Intr Domine exercituum 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00103 Intr Ecce Gabriel 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00130 Intr Exaudi nos Domine quoniam benigna est CI g02304 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00143 Intr Fortitudo fortitudinis 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00157 Intr Iacobus est Zebedaei filius 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00160 Intr Illumina oculos ... qui tribulant 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00164 Intr In conspectu angelorum 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00172 Intr In memoria aeterna erit iustus 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00180 Intr Infixus sum 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00222 Intr Lux refulsit 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00227 Intr Melius est modicum 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00284 Intr Pulchra nimis 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00286 Intr Quattuor animalia 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00295 Intr Respexit Elias 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00307 Intr Salvator noster 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00316 Intr Salvum me fac quoniam intraverunt aquae 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00325 Intr Sentiens de Domino 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00337 Intr Succurre miseris 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00346 Intr Tu es Petrus CI g03784 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00347 Intr Turba gaude 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00368 Intr Visita terram 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00370 Intr Vos omnes 2 (low, 2pcm) research
USU00003 Intr Ad vesperum demorabitur fletus 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00005 Intr Adorna thalamum 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00006 Intr Agonista Vincentius 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00008 Intr Angelis suis CI g02763 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00013 Intr Attendite populi 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00016 Intr Ave alme martyr 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00020 Intr Beatus Nicolaus 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00022 Intr Beatus Theobaldus 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00027 Intr Benedictus Dominus 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00031 Intr Canticum laetitiae 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00035 Intr Christe Deus plebem tuam CI g02621 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00037 Intr Christus factus est 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00044 Intr Collaudemus mundi 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00050 Intr Congregati sunt 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00057 Intr Daniel serve Dei 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00058 Intr De luce vigilavit 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00068 Intr Deus meus misit angelum 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00072 Intr Diem festum 1 (unique, 1pcm) research
USU00085 Intr Domine qui omnia 1 (unique, 1pcm) research