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Label Latin keywords Short description
abbess abbatissae, abbatissam The benediction of an abbess.
abbot abbatis, abbatem, abbatum, abbas The benediction of an abbot.
bell signum ecclesiae, signi, campana*, cymbal*, metall*, timpani, tintinnabula Consecration or blessing of bells.
church dedicatio*, dedicanda, ecclesia*, basilicae, domus Dei, domus Domini, reliquiae Consecration of a church, including: (1) Circling the church thrice, knocking on the church gate, dialogue with the deacon. (2) Entering the church, writing the Greek and Latin alphabet into ashes on the floor. (3) The blessing of the so-called St Gregory water (blessed water mixed with blessed salt, ashes and wine). (4) The blessing of the altar, walls and floor with St Gregory water (which is often followed by the blessing of liturgical articles, such as altar cloths, vestments). (5) Consecration of the altar and walls with Holy Chrism. (6) Introduction of relics into the church which are then buried within the altar. The laying and blessing of the foundation stone at the beginning of construction does not belong here, nor does the blessing of the cemetery.
altar altaris, altarium, altare, tabulae, tabulam, lapidis itinerarii, lapidis portatilis Consecration of main altars, side altars, and portable altars. Generally not separately indexed within the consecration of churches.
Baptistery baptisterii, lapidis fontium, fontis The blessing of a baptistery or its renewed blessing after renovation.
cemetery coemeteri*, cimiteri* The consecration of a cemetery. A cemetery is meant to serve not only as a burial site but also as the sacred precinct where a church is to be built.
foundation stone lapidis, lapidem, funda*, primarii, primum, primarium, "Nemo ecclesiam aedificet" Laying and blessing of a foundation stone where a church is to be built. The rite differs from both the blessing of a cemetery and from the dedication of a church.
reconciliation of violated church reconciliatio violatae ecclesiae, reconciliatio* ecclesiae, reconciliand* (violatam) ecclesiam, contingerit ecclesiam violari, reconciliatio* altaris Rededication (consecration) of a desecrated church, altar or cemetery.
Confirmation confirm*, consignand*, signandos, chrismandis, consecrandos pueros, consecrationem infantium, consecratio chrismalis Sacrament of Confirmation, often only a short supplement at the end of the baptismal rites.
deaconess diaconam, diaconissam, diaconissae The blessing of a deaconess.
excommunication and reconciliation excommunica*, absolutio*, absolvendi, absolvendis, reconcili* Excommunication (of different degrees according to the obstinacy of the trespasser) and reconciliation. Public penitential rites within Ash Wednesday or Maundy Thursday ceremonies are not indexed here.
exorcism exorcis*, daemon*, vexa*, obsess*, adiuratio, expelle*, malefici*, diabolo, domus a daemonio vexatae Rite of exorcism, both of an obsessed person and of a house where diabolical vexation (infestation) has been discovered. Minor exorcisms within the context of baptismal rites, or blessings of materials and objects are not listed here.
inauguration of parish priest plebani, inthronizatio, introductio The inauguration of a new parish priest.
interdict interdicto, interdicti Ecclesiastical (canonical) censure prohibiting certain individuals, groups, and territories from the celebration and/or reception of Sacraments and sacramentals.
L'endit indict* Processional opening of a market special to St-Denis at Paris.
Maundy Thursday feria quinta, Cena Domini, Cenae, feriae quintae, die Iovis Sancta The extraordinary rites of Maundy Thursday, i.e. night Office (Tenebrae), reconciliation of penitents, Chrism Mass, evening Mass of Maundy Thursday with integrated Vespers, the washing of feet (Mandatum), the stripping and washing of the altar, procession to the holy sepulchre. In monastic or canonical sources a supper may be included. The short desciptions and keywords of these ceremonies are found separately.
Chrism Mass chrisma, chrismatis, chrismalis, ipso die sonentur campanae ad missam, consecrationes oleorum, consecrationem olei infirmorum, consecratio olei Chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday, celebrated by the bishop. It contained the blessing of the oil of the sick, of the catechumens and the chrism between the end of the Canon and the Communion. Rites pertaining to the solemn reception of the sacred oils at a parish church are indicated with the same label.
reconciliation of penitents reconciliatio penitentium, reconciliatione, die absolutionis/reconciliationis, reconciliand* paenitente*, paenitent* Penitentiary (reconciliatory) rite on Maundy Thursday in which the bishop ceremonially receives the penitents back into the church.
stripping/washing of altars exspoliare altaria, altaria abluenda, denudetur altare, denudent altaria, nudata altaria laventur, lavantur altaria, lavent altaria, "Diviserunt sibi" The stripping and washing of altars on Maundy Thursday (currently not separately indexed in the majority of sources, please cf. Maundy Thursday).
washing of feet (ad) mandatum, mandato, mandati, pedum, pedes The rite of the washing of feet on Maundy Thursday (Mandatum).
Tenebrae Zelus domus tuae, Feria quinta, In Cena Domini, in/de nocte, officium, ad matutinum/matutinas Special night Offices (Matins and Lauds) or their regulations during the Sacred Triduum.
ordinations Clericum faciendum, sacr* ordin*, capillos tonendos, faciendum clericum, ordinand*, cleric* faciend*, septem (ecclesiastic*) grad*, ordinatio*, ordinibus, ordines, "Accedant qui ordinandi sunt", ecclesiastici The Sacrament of Holy Orders by several degrees: institution of a porter (ostiarius), lector, exorcist, acolyte, and subdeacon; ordination of a deacon, priest (presbyter), and bishop. Beforehand: tonsure, institution of a cleric or a cantor.
beard barbam, barbas Trimming of beards, a part of clerical tonsure.
bishop episcopum, episcopi, episcoporum, episcopo, pontificis Consecration of a bishop.
cleric clericum faciendum, clericis faciendis, clerico faciendo The making of a cleric. Generally not separately indexed within ordinations.
degradation and restitution degradatione, degradationis, degradantur, reconciliandi, reconciliationis, reconciliari Degradation and restitution of clerics from or into their prior state.
pope Romanus pontifex Inauguration and blessing (coronation) of a newly elected pope.
tonsure capillaturam, capillarum, capillos tonendos, tonsuram A sacred rite (but not an ordination) instituted by the Church to receive a baptized and confirmed Christian into the clerical state by the shearing of his hair and his investment with the cassock and surplice.
paten and chalice patenam consecrandam, consecrandam/-dum patenam, patenam, patenae, calicis Consecration of a paten and chalice.
secular dignitaries comitis Palatini, regem, regis, rege, regin*, imperator*, imperatr* Inauguration or installment of secular dignitaries, mostly emperor/empress and king/queen but in some cases also lower ranks.
emperor imperatorem Consecration and coronation of an emperor.
empress imperatricem, imperatricis Consecration and coronation of an empress or empress mother.
king regem, regis, regum, rege, rex, ad regem benedicendum, coronandum The coronation of a king.
queen regina, reginam, reginae The coronation, and blessing of a queen, usually at the end of the coronation of a king.
synod/council synodus, synodo, synodi, concilium The order of holding a synod, liturgical elements for the days of a synod.
tabernacle scrinium, scrinii, arcam, arcae, capsam, capsas, scrindola, tabernaculi, vasculi, Eucharistia(m) conservanda(m) Benediction of a tabernacle or aumbry, including any vessel for the keeping of consecrated hosts (Eucharist).
travel/visitation/reception ad recipiendum, recipiendi, recipiendo, praelatum, legatum, legatorum, suscipiendum, susceptionem, receptione, visitatione, visitationis, visitandi, intrat aliquam civitatem vel oppidum Visitation and reception of an ecclesiastical or secular dignitary (e.g. nuncio, ambassador, bishop, pope, king, queen, emperor).
utensils corporal* linteamin*, sindonem, pallam, pallae, capsarum, (eucharistialis) vasculi, vasa, vasorum, ornamenta, ornamentorum, mapparum, ciborii, umbraculi, ampullae, librorum, in usum basilicae The blessing of instruments used in churches (cloths, linen, recepticles and other utensils), often within the consecration of a church, in such cases they are not separately indexed.
vestments vestimentorum sacerdotalium, vestimenta sacerdotalia, vestium sacerdotalium, sacerdotalium indumentorum, indumentorum sacerdotalium, indument*, vestium (sacrarum), vestes (sacras), alba*, planeta* The blessing of liturgical vestments, religious habits, episcopal garments or penitentiary sackcloths, often in the context of the consecration of a church, in such cases it is not always separately indexed.
virgin consecratio (sacrarum) virginum, consecratio (sacrae) virginis, virginum, virgines, virginalis Consecration and clothing of virgins, primarily on Epiphany, the days following Easter or the feasts of the Apostles. The rite is performed by a bishop in a solemn cloistered context and differs from the more simple ceremonies at the taking of wows, cf. nun.
widow viduae, viduas, viduam The consecration of a widow, including the taking of vows and vesting.