Latin Keywords capillaturam, capillarum, capillos tonendos, tonsuram
Short Description A sacred rite (but not an ordination) instituted by the Church to receive a baptized and confirmed Christian into the clerical state by the shearing of his hair and his investment with the cassock and surplice.


Book Original Index Title P.N
AT Gurk 1000-1100, Pontifical ÖNB Wien Cod. 1832 Han Oratio ad capillaturam incidendam 33 (33r)
AT Sankt Lambrecht 1150-1200, Pontifical UB Graz Ms. 326 Ad capillaturam incidendam 78 (38v)
DE Augsburg 1138-1142, Pontifical BSB München Clm 03909 Ad capillaturam 375 (186v)
DE Augsburg 1000-1200, Pontifical BSB München Clm 03917 Oratio ad capillaturam incidendam 31 (14r)
DE Hildesheim 1067 (about), Pontifical StaBi Bamberg Msc. Lit. 054 Benedictio ad capillaturam 230 (113r)
DE Köln 1100-1200, Ritual BNF Paris Lat. 14833 Benedictio ad capillos tondendos 29 (27r)
DE Köln 1000-1100, Pontifical BAV Ottobon. lat. 167 Oratio ad capillaturam 67 (63v)
DE Lüneburg 1100-1150, Pontifical HAB Wolfenbüttel Cod. Guelf. 0141 Helmst., Heinemann-Nr. 164 Oratio ad capillaturam incidendam 144 (70v)
DE Passau 1150-1200, Pontifical ÖNB Wien Cod. 1817 Han Oratio ad puerum tonsurandum 77 (76r)
DE Regensburg 1060-1089, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 01231 Oratio ad capillaturam incidendam 76 (72r)
DE Trier 1000-1100, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 13313 Benedictio ad capillaturam 209 (203v)
FR Albi 1100-1200, Pontifical BM Albi Ms. 34 (20) Benedictio ad capillaturam 14 (6v)
FR Arras 1300 (about), Pontifical BM Arras Ms. 889 (olim 469) Dum tondis eum dic antiphonam 16 (12v)
FR Aurillac 1050-1100, Antiphonal, Collectary, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 00944 Benedictio ad capillaturam 24 (19r)
FR Chartres 1150-1200, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 00945 Ad capillos tondendos 89 (82r)
FR Lyon 1285 (after), Pontifical BM Carpentras Ms. 96 Dum tondes eum dices 39 (32r)
FR Poitiers 0900-1000, Pontifical BNF Arsenal Paris Ms. 227 Oratio ad capillarum (sic) 568 (277v)
FR Toul 1420, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 12079 De barba tondenda 257 (253r)
FR Valence 1100-1125, Pontifical BAV Ottobon. lat. 256 Dum tondes eum dicis 3 (2r)
FR Vienne 0600-0700, Mass Lectionary, Sacramentary BNF Paris Lat. 13246 Benedictio super eum qui in ecclesia primis (sic) tondetur 566 (280v)
GB Bangor 1309-1328, Pontifical Univ. Arch. Bangor Ms. 1 - 42 (42v)
GB England 0900-1000, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 10575 Oratio ad capillaturam 159 (153r)
GB Exeter 0900-1100, Missal Bodleian Oxford Ms. Bodl. 579 Oratio ad capillaturam 585 (295r)
GB London 1400 (about), Pontifical BL London Lansdowne Ms. 451 Modus faciendi tonsuras vel coronas 18 (10v)
GB Sherborne 0900-1000, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 00943 Oratio ad capillaturam 181 (87r)
GB York 1508-1514, Pontifical Cambridge UL Ff.6.1 Oratio ad capillaturam 394 (341)
HU Hungary 1400-1500, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 01219 Ad conferendum primam tonsuram 37 (35v)
IT Aquileia 1049-1063, Pontifical UB Salzburg Ms. M. II. 123 Ordo ad capillaturam 5 (2r)
IT Firenze 1000-1025, Sacramentary, Pontifical Laurenziana Firenze Ms. Aedil. 122 Oratio ad capillaturam 164 (161v)
IT Milano 1000-1100, Ritual Ambrosiana Milano Benedictio ad capillos 370 (165)
IT Milano 1000-1100, Ritual Ambrosiana Milano Benedictio ad capillos incidendum 1100 (497)
IT Piacenza 1150-1200, Pontifical Bibl. Arch. Cap. Piacenza Ms. 4 Tunc tondes eum 14 (12v)
IT Siracusa 1200-1400, Pontifical BAV Vat. lat. 04746 Benedictio ad tondendam comam 29 (27v)
PL Halicz 1375-1400, Pontifical BN Warszawa Ms. Bawor. 5, tit. XXIII De prima tonsura clerico seu clericis si plures fuerint danda 121 (60r)
PL Kraków 1400-1450, Pontifical Kap. Katedr. Kraków Ms. 11 (28) Ad capillos tondendos 489