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Label Latin keywords Short description
abbess abbatissae, abbatissam The benediction of an abbess.
abbot abbatis, abbatem, abbatum, abbas The benediction of an abbot.
child ad induendum puerum sive puellam, benedictio(ne) puerorum, puerulum tonsurandum, puer*, infant* Rites pertaining to children, especially their blessing or their votive initiation (vesting or tonsure) into monasticism.
deaconess diaconam, diaconissam, diaconissae The blessing of a deaconess.
meal mensa, mensae, mensam, ante cibum, annum The blessing of dishes before meals, and thanksgiving afterwards, usually in monastic contexts with seasonal variants.
monk monach*, eremitae, canonic*, regular*, fraternitate, fratribus, novitiorum, profession*, includend*, reclusum, recludendi, induendum puerum sive/vel puellam, puerum tonsurandum, capillaturam infantuli, renuntiantibus saeculo The different stages of monastic (religious) life: votive vesting and unvesting of children, reception into the monastery, beginning the noviciate, clothing ceremony (reception of the religious habit), ceremonial taking of vows.
nun moniali*, sanctimoniali*, famulam Dei The blessing of a nun, different from the solemn consecration of virgins (cf. virgin).
virgin consecratio (sacrarum) virginum, consecratio (sacrae) virginis, virginum, virgines, virginalis Consecration and clothing of virgins, primarily on Epiphany, the days following Easter or the feasts of the Apostles. The rite is performed by a bishop in a solemn cloistered context and differs from the more simple ceremonies at the taking of wows, cf. nun.