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excommunication and reconciliation excommunica*, absolutio*, absolvendi, absolvendis, reconcili* Excommunication (of different degrees according to the obstinacy of the trespasser) and reconciliation. Public penitential rites within Ash Wednesday or Maundy Thursday ceremonies are not indexed here.
inauguration of parish priest plebani, inthronizatio, introductio The inauguration of a new parish priest.
interdict interdicto, interdicti Ecclesiastical (canonical) censure prohibiting certain individuals, groups, and territories from the celebration and/or reception of Sacraments and sacramentals.
minor expulsion of penitents expulsio An abridged variant of the pontifical ejection of penitents on Ash Wednesday, celebrated by an ordinary priest, usually on the Monday of the Holy Week in some Bavarian and Bohemian Uses.
ordeals iudici*, discussio, adiuratio, ferri, case* Ancient religious-judicial practices to determine the truth or the will of God. Not supported by the official ecclesiastical establishment they became obsolete in the Middle Ages. Ordeals most often included trial by red-hot iron and (cold) water, sometimes hot water, or bread and cheese.
penance confessio generalis, confessio*, forma(e) absolutionis/-num, absolutio*, paenitentia generalis, de sacramento paenitentiae, ad dandam paenitentiam, paenitent*, paenitudinis, indulgentiae, modus absolv The Sacrament of Penance and related rites, excepting the ceremonies on Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.
synod/council synodus, synodo, synodi, concilium The order of holding a synod, liturgical elements for the days of a synod.
travel/visitation/reception ad recipiendum, recipiendi, recipiendo, praelatum, legatum, legatorum, suscipiendum, susceptionem, receptione, visitatione, visitationis, visitandi, intrat aliquam civitatem vel oppidum Visitation and reception of an ecclesiastical or secular dignitary (e.g. nuncio, ambassador, bishop, pope, king, queen, emperor).