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bath lavacrum, balnei, saponis, sabonis The blessing of a bath or its place, peculiar to Poland.
bloodletting minutio* sanguinis Prayer before bloodletting (a traditional medical practice to which spiritual benefits were also attributed).
epidemic contra pestem, tempore (mortalitatis et) pestis, tempore pestilentiae, pro peste pellenda, benedictio sagittarum Orations given against or in the case of an epidemic (pestilence, plagues).
famine tempore famis Orations, preces, processions for use in case of famine, often as a part of votive supplications for various intentions.
health of animals in peste animalium, pecoribus, animalium, pro animalibus infirmantibus, pecora, ovium, pestem animalium, pro avibus Prayer for the healing of sick animals, blessing of salt to be given to sick animals, often connected to the major blessing of water (cf. major blessing of water).
leper leprosos, leprosum, leprosorum, eiiciendi, separandi, separandum Separation and ejection of lepers, typical in French Uses.
rods benedictio virgarum Blessing of rods on the feast of Holy Innocents Day (28 December).