Latin Keywords Epiphaniae, Theophaniae, stellae
Short Description Extraordinary rites (beyond the Mass and the Office Hours of the day) in connection with Epiphany, e.g. Epiphany play, proclamation of Easter and other movable feasts, the blessing of water, insertions towards the end of Matins and the Genealogy of Luke.


Book Original Index Title P.N
BE Liège 1499, Missal Missale Leodiense In vigilia Epiphaniae 49 (13v)
DE Lüneburg 1100-1150, Pontifical HAB Wolfenbüttel Cod. Guelf. 0141 Helmst., Heinemann-Nr. 164 Ordo in Theophania 8 (2v)
DK København 1510, Missal Missale Hafniense - 63 (18v)
FR Besançon 1485, Missal Missale Bisuntinense Sequentia sancti Evangelii secundum Lucam 52 (25r)
FR Laon 1491, Missal Missale Laudunense In die Epiphaniae 32 (16r)
FR Nîmes 1511, Missal Missale Nemense Evangelium secundum Lucam 50 (12v)
FR OCist 1486-1487, Missal Missale Cisterciense In vigilia Epiphaniae 45 (10v)
HU Esztergom 1090 (about), Pontifical Knj. Metrop. Zagreb MR 165 Ad matutinum post nonum responsum fiat tractus stellae in hunc modum 28 (28v)
IT Milano 1499, Missal Missale Ambrosianum Lecto evangelio statim diaconus annuntiat Pascha Resurrectionis futurum hoc modo 75 (26r)
SE Strängnäs 1487, Missal Missale Strengnense In nocte Epiphaniae 26 (a17r)