Missale Ragusinum 278

Origin Dubrovnik (HR)
Genre Missal (Mass)
Age 1100-1200
Printer Manuscript
Shelfmark of library Bodleian Oxford, Ms. Canon. Liturg. 342
Edition Gyug, Richard Francis: Missale Ragusinum. The Missal of Dubrovnik (Oxford, Bodleian Library, Canon. Liturg. 342). Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto 1990. (Monumenta Liturgica Beneventana 1, Studies and Texts 103)
Catalogue Madan, 19428
Remark The pagination of the index and the conspectus is that of the printed edition and not the digital page numbering.


Page Label Original Title
197 (1v)
Temporal Masses -
207 (7r)
Christmas Eve, Genealogy Genealogia Domini nostri Iesu Christi secundum Lucam
223 (21r)
Ash Wednesday -
Palm Sunday -
Good Friday -
Holy Saturday In Sabbato Sancto benedictio igni (sic) novi
Sanctoral Masses -
grape Benedictio uvae
Commune Masses Vigilia unius apostoli
Dedication Mass In Dedicatione ecclesiae
Votive Masses Missa in honore sanctae Trinitatis