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Marian antiphons

Latin Keywords
antiphon*, de beata Virgine, post completorium
Short Description
A special type of commemoration in honour of the Blessed Virgin, sung after the conclusion of the Office Hours or after the entire daily Office had been completed, i.e. the Compline. There were several such items besides the most famous Roman antiphons (Alma Redemptoris Mater, Ave Regina caelorum, Regina caeli, Salve Regina). These had an above-average emotional or lyrical character both in melody and text (often taken or paraphrased from the Canticles of Solomon).


Book Original Index Title P.N
CH Basel 1498, Breviary Salve regina 161 (K1r)
DE Bamberg 1501, Breviary Gradus ad primam 365 (7v)
DE Konstanz 1501, Breviary Antiphonae de beata virgine Maria 165 (70v)
DE Meißen 1511, Diurnal Sabbato suffragia. Nigra sum 335 (152v)
DE OT 1500, Breviary Notandum quod quidam solent facere memoriam de beata Virgine 366 (n3v)
ES Santiago de Compostela 1569, Breviary A die Purificationis beatae Mariae post completorium 216 (81r)
ES Toledo 1515, Psalter Commemoratio beatae Mariae 247 (115v)
FR Angoulême 1509, Ritual Salutatio beatae Mariae 116 (54r)
FR Aurillac 1050-1100, Pontifical BNF Paris Lat. 00944 Salve Regina 156 (145r)
FR Beauvais 1497, Breviary Salve Regina 381
FR Bourges 1481, Breviary Post completorium dominica Martis et Veneris 387 (ee12r)
GB Aberdeen 1509, Breviary In introitu chori dicatur una ex istis antiphonis 185 (70r)
IT Roma 1554, Ritual Antiphonae subscriptae cantantur post completorium per totum annum ordine subscripto 607 (293v)
NL Windesheim 1499, Breviary In die Paschae usque ad octavam Pentecostes 413 (h5v)
NO Trondheim 1519, Breviary In Adventu Domini donec incipiatur O Sapientia ... memoria de beata Virgine post completorium habeatur per annum 485 (236v)
PT Évora 1548, Breviary Postea sequitur antiphona Salve Regina 202 (n6v)
PT Portugal 1727, Processional Antiphonae beatae Mariae 228 (216)
SE Strängnäs 1495, Breviary Sequuntur antiphonae habendae post completoria de beata Virgine 137
SE Uppsala 1496, Breviary Isto modo fiant memoriae de Domina post completorium per annum 787 (x8r)