Title A summary catalogue of Western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford
Author(s) Madan Falconer, Hunt Richard William
Publishing House Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1895-1953
Volumes 1-7


Catalogue no. Country Origin Age Genre(s) Manuscript / Title
18954 Croatia Zadar (OSB) 1081-1086 Evangeliary Bodleian Oxford Ms. Canon. Bibl. Lat. 61
19379 Croatia Zadar (OSB) 1076-1100 Book of Hours Bodleian Oxford Ms. Canon. Liturg. 277
19428 Croatia Dubrovnik 1100-1200 Missal Bodleian Oxford Ms. Canon. Liturg. 342
19444 Italy Arezzo 1100 (about) Collectary... Bodleian Oxford Canon. Liturg. 359
2675 United Kingdom Exeter 0900-1100 Missal Bodleian Oxford Ms. Bodl. 579
6419 United Kingdom Evesham 1300 (about) Ritual Bodleian Oxford Lad 3