Sacramentarium 6089

Origin Sherborne (GB)
Genre Sacramentary (Mass)
Age 1076-1125
Shelfmark of library Bodleian Oxford, Ms. Bodl. 572
Catalogue Madan, 2026
Remark Codex Oxoniensis Posterior, uncertain origin (Wales?); In honour of St. Germanus, which appears to be Cornish and relates to Ecclesia Lanaledensis, which has been considered to be the monastery of St. Germanus, in Cornwall, a few miles on the western side of the Tamar. There is no other evidence of the name, which was also the Breton name of Aleth, now part of Saint-Malo. The manuscript, which contains also certain glosses, possibly Cornish or Breton — it would be impossible to distinguish between them at that date-but held by Professor Loth to be Welsh, is probably of the ninth century, and the Mass is quite Roman in type, being probably written after that part of Cornwall had come under Saxon influence. There is a very interesting Proper Preface.