Sacramentarium 6102

Origin Ireland (IE)
Genre Sacramentary (Mass)
Age 0801-0900 (?)
Shelfmark of library LB Karlsruhe, Cod. Aug. 167?
Edition Henry Marriott Bannister [1854-1919], "Documents: Some Recently Discovered Fragments of Irish Sacramentaries," Journal of Theological Studies 5 No 17 (Oct. 1903): pp. 61-66
Catalogue Gamber, 1968:0111
Remark Carlsruhe Fragment B. Four pages in an Irish hand. It contains fragments of Masses, and includes a variant of the intercessions inserted in the Intercession for the Living in the Stowe Missal and in Witzel's extracts from the Fulda Manuscript. There are also some fragments of Irish in it.