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Missale Frisingense 10163

Schäftlarn (DE)
Gradual, Mass Lectionary, Sacramentary
BSB München
Shelfmark of library
Clm 17019
Gradual-Sacramentary-Lectionary. Origin uncertain, maybe Freising diocesan (Palm Sunday related to the Egilbert Pontifical, manuscript of Schäftlarn provenance).
Temporal Masses Calendar


Label Original Title
calendar -
19 (7v)
Temporal Masses Dominica prima in Adventu Domini
20 (8r)
Sanctoral Masses De sancta Lucia
26 (11r)
Unlabelled In primo galli cantu
33 (14v)
Unlabelled In natale sancti Silvestri
35 (15v)
Unlabelled In Epiphania Domini
37 (16v)
Unlabelled In natale sancti Felicis
50 (23r)
Ash Wednesday In capite ieiunii
79 (97v)
Palm Sunday In Palmis
86 (101r)
Holy Saturday In principio creavit
87 (101v)
Easter Sunday, procession In sancto die ad processionem
100 (48r)
Dedication Mass In Dedicatione ecclesiae
102 (49r)
Maundy Thursday, washing of feet Ad mandatum
104 (50r)
Good Friday Feria sexta
107 (51v)
Holy Saturday In Sabbato Sancto
110 (53r)
Vigil of Whitsun In Sabbato Sancto Pentecostes
115 (55v)
Vigil of Whitsun In Sabbato Sancto
118 (57r)
Sanctoral Masses In natale sanctae Potentianae
Temporal Masses Dominica prima post Pentecostes
Commune Masses De apostolis
Mass ordinary Kyrie eleison
156 (76r)
Sequentional In Natali Domini ad priorem missam
Sanctoral Masses Collecta de sancta Margarita
180 (88r)
Prefaces Praefatio de Nativitate
188 (92r)
Canon of the Mass Te igitur clementissime Pater
196 (96r)
Mass ordinary Credo
197 (96v)
preparation and vesting for Mass Ordo qualiter presbyter debeat se praeparare ad missam
198 (97r)
Mass ordinary Quando vadit ad altare
200 (98r)
Temporal Masses In primo galli cantu
204 (100r)
Unlabelled In vigilia Epiphaniae
206 (101r)
Unlabelled In vigilia Epiphaniae
214 (105r)
Ash Wednesday In capite ieiunii
228 (112r)
Unlabelled Dominica in Palmis
229 (112v)
Maundy Thursday In Cena Domini
230 (113r)
Good Friday In Parasceve
232 (114r)
Holy Saturday In Sabbato Sancto
235 (115v)
Easter Sunday In sancto die
239 (117v)
Sanctoral Masses In natali sanctorum martyrum
245 (120v)
Vigil of Whitsun In vigilia Pentecostes
248 (122r)
Sanctoral Masses In natali sancti Nicomedis
282 (129r)
Dedication Mass In Dedicatione ecclesiae
292 (144r)
Temporal Masses Dominica prima de Adventu Domini
295 (145v)
Commune Masses In vigilia unius apostoli
301 (148v)
Dedication Mass In Dedicatione ecclesiae
302 (149r)
Temporal Masses De Trinitate
306 (151r)
Votive Masses De sancta Cruce
320 (158r)
Votive Masses Missa generalis
332 (161r)
Unlabelled Requiem aeternam
334 (165r)
Votive Masses De sancta Trinitate
338 (167r)
Commune Masses In vigilia apostolorum
362 (178r)
Unlabelled In Purificatione sanctae Mariae
381 (189v)
minor blessing of water Exorcizo te creatura salis
382 (190r)
Unlabelled Gloria Patri