Antiphonarium 6091

Origin Bangor (GB)
Age 0680-0691
Shelfmark of library Ambrosiana Milano, C 5 inf.
Edition L'antifonario di Bangor: [Antiphonarium Bangoriense.] A cura di Ezio Franceschini. Padova : Gregoriana, (1941). - X S., 1Bl., 86 S., 1 Bl.:
Catalogue Gamber, 1968:0150
Manus Digit., Ambrosiana C 005 inf.
Remark Bangor Antiphoner (1); A manuscript from the monastery of Bangor, in Down, written or copied from a manuscript written during the time of Abbot Cronan (680-91). It contains a large collection of canticles, hymns, collects, and antiphons, all, with very few exceptions, relating to the Divine Office. All but two of the twenty-one pieces in the Turin fragment are found in this manuscript also. (