Conspectus with ceremony defects and cautions

Assignment Rubrics Genre Item P.N
defects and cautions/1 De defectibus in celebratione missae occurentibus Rub 276 (118v)
defects and cautions/2 De defectibus materiae Rub 276 (118v)
defects and cautions/3 De defectu panis Rub 277 (119r)
defects and cautions/4 De defectu vini Rub 277 (119r)
defects and cautions/5 De defectibus formae Rub 278 (119v)
defects and cautions/6 De defectibus ministri Rub 278 (119v)
defects and cautions/7 De defectu intentionis Rub 278 (119v)
defects and cautions/8 De defectibus dispositionis animae Rub 279 (120r)
defects and cautions/9 De defefctibus dispositionis corporis Rub 279 (120r)
defects and cautions/10 De defectibus in ministerio ipso occurentibus Rub 280 (120v)