Manuale de Bystorp 507

Original title [Liber ecclesiae sanctae Mariae Magdalenae de Bystorp]
Origin Roskilde (DK)
Genre Ritual (Other)
Age 1522 (before)
Printer Manuscript
Shelfmark of library UB Lund, Medeltidshandskrift 43 a
Edition Strömberg, Bengt: The Manual from Bystorp. Lund University Library Medeltidshandskrift 43a. Institut for Kirkehistorie, University of Århus 1982. (Bibliotheca Liturgica Danica. Series Latina 2)
Catalogue UB Lund Digit., Medeltidshandskrift 43a
Remark Handwritten appendix to the printed Manuale Roskildense (1513), from the same diocese.


Page Label Original Title
29 (53)
Genealogy In nocte Nativitatis Domini
33 (61)
Genealogy In festo Epiphaniae ante missam
38 (70)
Palm Sunday In die Palmarum praefatio
41 (10v)
Good Friday Sequitur de officio Parasceves
43 (80)
Holy Saturday In vigilia Paschae
63 (120)
Candlemas In Purificatione sanctae Mariae