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Roma IT

Episcopal see
Other Relevant Names
Rome, RĂ³ma
Earlier See or Co-Cathedral
Latin Name (adjective form)
Foundation (about)


Book Genre
Missale Romanum 1481 Missal
Missale Romanum 1400-1500 Missal
Missale Romanum 1570 Missal
Breviarium Romanum 1478 Breviary
Breviarium Romanum 1489 Breviary
Breviarium Romanum 1599 Breviary
Diurnale Romanum 1483 Diurnal
Pontificale Romanum 1859 Pontifical
Horarium Romanum 1489 Book of Hours
Missale Romanum 1482 Missal
Missale Romanum 1485 Missal
Missale Romanum 1485 Missal
Missale Romanum 1491 Missal
Missale Romanum 1493 Missal
Missale Romanum 1495 Missal
Missale Romanum 1515 Missal
Missale Romanum 1574 Missal
Missale Romanum 1629 Missal
Breviarium Sanctae Crucis (Quignonez) 1542 Breviary
Breviarium Romanum (pars verna) 1828 Breviary
Psalterium Romanum 1482 Psalter
Psalterium Romanum 1593 Psalter
Rituale Romanum 1476 Ritual
Rituale Romanum 1495 Ritual
Sacerdotale Romanum 1554 Ritual
Caeremoniale Romanum 1582 Ceremonial
Graduale Romanum antiquum basilicae sanctae Ceciliae 1071 Gradual
Graduale Romanum antiquum basilicae Lateranensis 1050-1150 Gradual
Pontificale Romanum 1301-1400 Pontifical
Pontificale Romanum 1101-1200 Pontifical
Pontificale Romanum 1401-1600 Pontifical