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Dr. Miklós István Földváry
H-1088 Budapest,
Múzeum krt. 4/F. 222.

Property rights

​​Our goal is to facilitate access to the digital copies in our Collection for anyone interested. In a legal sense, however, these copies appertain to the libraries who own the actual manuscripts or printed books. For this reason, the Collection may only be used by private persons for research purposes, copying its contents, or making it accessible by others is forbidden and pictures taken from them may not be published either electronically or in print. We would sincerely appreciate if those who use this Collection remember to mention this in their publications.

Access and Updates

The Collection is accessible personally via the computers in Rooms F 216, 221 and 222 of the ELTE BTK campus at Múzeum krt. 4., Budapest or on the internet at this site maintained by ELTE. In both cases access has to be authorised by the leader of the Research Group (Miklós István Földváry) who is at the disposal of any interested researcher. The Collection is updated regularly along with the supplementary material (catalogue, index, conspectus etc., as seen there). This update includes uploading and registering new material, as well as expanding and correcting the supplementary material.

The Sources Of Acquisition

The Collection in part follows material freely available on the internet, but is also enlarged through private acquisitions. The freely available material is downloaded and all non-downloadable content is registered with a permanent link. Our own acquisitions extend either to copies of the originals or to editions that are not available commercially. These orders are arranged with the help of our colleague, Péter Paulik who works at the Loans Department of the National Széchényi Library. The commercially available editions—and the scholarly books most relevant to our research—are purchased in book format with the help of Edit Kakuszi at the Atlantisz Könyvsziget. These books can be studied in Room F 216 of the ELTE BTK campus at Múzeum krt. 4., Budapest (they may not be loaned). At this point the Catalogue does not include these books, only the digital sources.