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Missale Rigense 10335

Label Original Title
calendar -
10 (1r)
Temporal Masses -
56 (24r)
Ash Wednesday Sequitur in capite ieiunii benedictio cinerum
151 (71v)
Maundy Thursday In Cena Domini
153 (72v)
Good Friday In Parasceve
162 (77r)
Holy Saturday In vigilia Paschae
209 (100v)
Mass ordinary -
Prefaces Sequitur praefatio de Domini Nativitate
Canon of the Mass -
224 (101r)
Temporal Masses Dominica prima post Pentecostes
281 (129v)
Sanctoral Masses Sequitur iam de sanctis. Primo de sancto Nicolao officium
289 (143v)
Candlemas In Purificatione Mariae
357 (166v)
Dedication Mass In Dedicatione ecclesiae
360 (168r)
Commune Masses In vigilia unius apostoli