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Missale Cracoviense 10248

Label Original Title
title page Eliminatum hoc missale secundum rubricam Cracoviensem
minor blessing of water Benedictio salis et aquae
21 (1r)
Temporal Masses Incipit liber missalis Cracoviensis per circulum anni
72 (27v)
Ash Wednesday In capite ieiunii
148 (65v)
Palm Sunday Dominica in Ramis Palmarum primo canitur Asperges me
179 (81r)
Maundy Thursday Feria quinta presbyter induatur ad missam
182 (82v)
stripping/washing of altars Cum lavantur altaria
183 (83r)
Good Friday Ordo feria sexta
194 (88v)
Holy Saturday Ordo in Sacratissimo Sabbato Paschae
208 (95v)
Easter Sunday Ordo in die sacratissimo Paschae
236 (109v)
Rogation Days Feria secunda in die Rogationum sive in Litania Maiori
248 (115v)
Vigil of Whitsun In vigilia Pentecostes
Mass ordinary Gloria in excelsis
Canon of the Mass -
711 (321r)
Unlabelled Sequuntur collectae generales
728 (330v)
defects and cautions Sequuntur informationes et cautelae
735 (334r)
Easter Sunday, victuals Sequuntur benedictiones ipso die Paschae
738 (335v)
table of contents Ordo missalis huius