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Missale Parisiense 10170

Label Original Title
calendar -
23 (1)
Temporal Masses Incipit missale secundum usum ecclesiae Parisiensis. Dominica prima Adventus ad missam
38 (8v)
Unlabelled In die Natalis Domini missa in galli cantu
65 (22)
Ash Wednesday Feria quarta in capite ieiunii
132 (55v)
Palm Sunday Dominica Ramispalmarum
152 (65v)
Maundy Thursday, reconciliation of penitents Feria quinta in Cena Domini
156 (69v)
stripping/washing of altars, washing of feet Post prandium
157 (69)
Good Friday Feria sexta in Parasceve
165 (78r)
Holy Saturday Sabbato Sancto Paschae
174 (76v)
Mass ordinary Incipit ordo missae
174 (76v)
Mass ordinary, preparation and vesting for Mass Sacerdos primo se reconciliet si indigeat
176 (77v)
Prefaces Incipiunt praefationes
180 (79v)
Canon of the Mass -
214 (96v)
Vigil of Whitsun In vigilia Pentecostes
475 (228r)
minor blessing of water Benedictio aquae
494 (237v)
colophon Ad laudem Dei omnipotentis