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Missale Praemonstratense 10160

Label Original Title
decree, illustration Ad honorem et magnificentiam omnipotentis Dei
calendar -
preparation and vesting for Mass Quando sacerdos praeparatur ad missam
20 (1)
Temporal Masses In nomine Domini incipit ordo missalis secundum ritum ordinis Praemonstratensis
36 (9)
Christmas Eve, Genealogy Finito nono responsorio
46 (14)
Genealogy In matutinis post ultimum responsorium
68 (25)
Ash Wednesday Feria quarta in capite ieiunii
146 (64r)
Palm Sunday Dominica Palmarum
173 (76v)
Maundy Thursday, reconciliation of penitents In Cena Domini
177 (78v)
Good Friday In Parasceve
187 (83v)
Holy Saturday In vigilia Paschae
194 (87r)
Unlabelled In die sancto Paschae
196 (88r)
Easter Sunday, victuals Benedictio agni paschalis
196 (88r)
victuals Benedictio panis
197 (88v)
victuals Benedictio aliarum carnium
197 (88v)
victuals Benedictio casei
197 (88v)
victuals Benedictio lardi
197 (88v)
victuals Benedictio ovorum
197 (88v)
victuals Benedictio totiusque rei communis
197 (88v)
victuals Item totiusque rei communis
226 (103r)
Vigil of Whitsun In vigilia Pentecostes
317 (148v)
Dedication Mass In Dedicatione ecclesiae
322 (151r)
Mass ordinary De Domina nostra Gloria in excelsis
Prefaces Sequuntur praefationes
illustration -
Canon of the Mass Te igitur clementissime Pater
thanksgiving after Mass Post missam gratiarum laudes
352 (152r)
Commune Masses Incipit commune sanctorum
395 (173v)
Sanctoral Masses Incipit pars de sanctis
417 (184v)
Candlemas In Purificatione beatae Mariae Virginis
501 (226v)
Votive Masses Incipiunt missae familiares
521 (236v)
Unlabelled Incipit officium defunctorum
532 (242r)
Sequentional Sequentia de evangelistis
Sanctoral Masses De Conceptione beatae Mariae Virginis
Sequentional Hic inde incipit defectus sequentiarum
572 (244r)
minor blessing of water Exorcismus salis et aquae
574 (245r)
Votive Masses De passione Domini
Unlabelled Missa ad benedicendas sponsas