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Latin Keywords
benedictio rafurni, clibani, furnelli, lapiscoctorii
Short Description
The blessing of an oven or furnace.


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
30007 CH Genève 1508 Ritual Manuale Gebennense Benedictio rafurni 104 (48r)
30008 CH Lausanne 1508-1510 Ritual Manuale Lausannense Benedictio rafurni 106 (48r)
30093 ES Toledo 1375-1400 Pontifical Pontificale Toletanum Benedictio clibani 90 (89r)
30108 FR Besançon 1515 (about) Ritual Manuale Bisuntinense Benedictio furnelli seu lapiscoctorii 53 (43v)
30148 FR Tarentaise 1508 Ritual Manuale Tarentasiense Benedictio rafurni 106