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Latin Keywords
olei, oleorum, unguenti
Short Description
The blessing of normal oil (usually for healing purposes) different from those consecrated on Maundy Thursday (cf. Chrism Mass).


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
30270 DE Hildesheim 1067 (about) Pontifical Pontificale Hildensemense Item benedictio olei ad omnem languorem quocumque tempore 33 (14v)
30032 DE Mainz 1671 Ritual Agenda Moguntina-Herbipolensis-Wormatensis Benedictio olei simplicis 256 (241)
30248 DE Passau 1150-1200 Pontifical Pontificale Pataviense Item benedictio olei ad omnem languorem quocumque tempore 40 (39r)
30054 DE Trier 1000-1100 Pontifical Pontificale Treverense Exorcismus olei cum benedictione ad omne languorem corporis expellendum 43 (40r)
30333 FR Chartres 1150-1200 Pontifical Pontificale Carnotense Exorcismus olei cum benedictione ad omnem languorem corporis expellendum 187 (175r)
30149 FR Toul 1420 Pontifical Pontificale Tullense Sequitur benedicito unguenti 239 (234v)
10367 FR Vienne 0600-0700 Mass Lectionary-Sacramentary Missale Bobiense Exorcismus olei 576 (285v)
30323 GB London 1400 (about) Pontifical Pontificale Londinense Benedictio olei pro quacumque infirmitate 200 (196r)
30166 HU Esztergom 1090 (about) Pontifical Pontificale Chartvirgi Item exorcismus eiusdem vel benedictio eiusdem olei ad omnem languorem pellendum quocumque tempore 53 (52v)
30170 HU Esztergom 1625 Ritual Rituale Strigoniense Benedictio olei simplicis 177 (179)
30304 HU Győr 1731 Ritual Rituale Iaurinense Benedictio olei simplicis 168 (166)
30303 HU Veszprém 1772 Ritual Rituale Vespremiense Benedictio olei simplicis 201 (186)
30180 IT Milano 1000-1100 Ritual Manuale Ambrosianum Aliae benedictiones oleorum pro catechumenis seu infirmis 154 (109)
30180 IT Milano 1000-1100 Ritual Manuale Ambrosianum Incipit benedictio olei 352 (147)
30191 IT Roma 1554 Ritual Sacerdotale Romanum Benedictio olei 469 (224v)