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Latin Keywords
diaconam, diaconissam, diaconissae
Short Description
The blessing of a deaconess.


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
30247 AT Sankt Lambrecht 1150-1200 Pontifical Pontificale abbatiae sancti Lamberti Ordo ad diaconam faciendam 136 (67v)
30307 DE Augsburg 1138-1142 Pontifical Pontificale Augustense Ordo ad diaconam faciendam 442 (220r)
30238 DE Lüneburg 1100-1150 Pontifical Pontificale abbatiae sancti Michaelis de Luneburg Ad diaconissam faciendam 157 (77r)
30054 DE Trier 1000-1100 Pontifical Pontificale Treverense Ad diaconam faciendam 142 (137r)
30239 FR Albi 1100-1200 Pontifical Pontificale Albiense Ad diaconam faciendam 86 (42v)
30114 FR Fréjus 1371-1378 Pontifical Pontificale Foroiuliense De ordinatione diaconissae 93 (87r)
30164 GB York 1508-1514 Pontifical Pontificale Eboracense Oratio ad diaconissam faciendam 395 (342)
30181 IT Cassino 1057-1086 Pontifical Pontificale Casinense Missa ad diaconam consecrandam 156 (150r)
30320 IT Piacenza 1150-1200 Pontifical Pontificale Placentinum Missam (sic) ad diaconam consecrandum 77 (76r)