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Latin Keywords
benedictio artificis
Short Description
The blessing of a craftsman.


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
30232 ES Calahorra 1532 Ritual Manuale Calagurritanum et Calciatense Sequitur benedictio artificis 121 (116v)
30079 ES México 1560 Ritual Manuale Mexicanum Sequitur benedictio artificis 324 (157v)
30082 ES Pamplona 1548 Ritual Manuale Pampilonense Benedictio artificis 152 (74r)
30083 ES Pamplona 1490 Ritual Manuale Pampilonense Sequitur benedictio artificis 160
30100 ES Salamanca 1532 Ritual Manuale Salmanticense Sequitur benedictio artificis 159 (152v)