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Latin Keywords
minutio* sanguinis
Short Description
Prayer before bloodletting (a traditional medical practice to which spiritual benefits were also attributed).


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
30270 DE Hildesheim 1067 (about) Pontifical Pontificale Hildensemense Pro diminutione sanguis 223 (109v)
30238 DE Lüneburg 1100-1150 Pontifical Pontificale abbatiae sancti Michaelis de Luneburg Oratio pro imminutione sanguinis 201 (99r)
30336 PL Halicz 1375-1400 Pontifical Pontificale Haliciense Benedictio ante minutionem sanguinis 340 (164v)
30196 PL Kraków 1517 Ritual Agenda Cracoviensis Benedictio ante minutionem 330 (96v)
30237 PL Kraków 1423-1455 Pontifical Pontificale Cracoviense Benedictio ante minutionem sanguinis 340 (67)
30197 PL Płock 1554 Ritual Agenda Plocensis Oratio ante minutionem sanguinis 210 (196v)
30201 PL Poznań 1533 Ritual Agenda Posnaniensis Benedictio ante minutionem 280 (140v)