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Latin Keywords
lavacrum, balnei, sabonis
Short Description
The blessing of a bath or its place, peculiar to Poland.


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
30270 DE Hildesheim 1067 (about) Pontifical Pontificale Hildensemense Benedictio sabonis 226 (111r)
30238 DE Lüneburg 1100-1150 Pontifical Pontificale abbatiae sancti Michaelis de Luneburg Oratio ad lavacrum 201 (99r)
30196 PL Kraków 1517 Ritual Agenda Cracoviensis Benedictio balnei 330 (96v)
30237 PL Kraków 1423-1455 Pontifical Pontificale Cracoviense Benedictio balnei 340 (67)
30197 PL Płock 1554 Ritual Agenda Plocensis Benedictio balnei 210 (196v)