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Latin Keywords
benedictio uvae vel/sive fabae
Short Description
The blessing of beans, always in connection with the blessing of grapes.


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
30247 AT Sankt Lambrecht 1150-1200 Pontifical Pontificale abbatiae sancti Lamberti Benedictio uvae sive favi (sic) 84 (42v)
30009 CH Muri 1500-1508 Pontifical Pontificale Murense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 93 (44r)
30210 CH Sankt Gallen 1100-1200 Ritual Rituale Sangallense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 106 (102)
30270 DE Hildesheim 1067 (about) Pontifical Pontificale Hildensemense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 221 (108v)
30231 DE Regensburg 1060-1089 Pontifical Pontificale Ratisponense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 224 (217r)
30068 DK Lund 1250 (about) Ritual-Hymnary Manuale Lundense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 39 (37v)
30306 FR Aurillac 1050-1100 Pontifical Pontificale Aureliacense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 19 (13v)
30333 FR Chartres 1150-1200 Pontifical Pontificale Carnotense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 192 (180r)
10353 FR Metz 0826-0855 Sacramentary Sacramentarium Drogonis Benedictio uvae vel fabae 259 (125r)
30126 FR Nevers 1013-1066 Pontifical-Sacramentary Pontificale Nivernense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 136 (126)
30138 FR Poitiers 0900-1000 Pontifical Pontificale Pictaviense Benedictio uvae vel fabae 567 (277r)
30323 GB London 1400 (about) Pontifical Pontificale Londinense Benedictio fabarum et fructuum 201 (197r)
30160 GB Sherborne 0900-1000 Pontifical Pontificale Dunstani Benedictio uvae vel fabae 203 (98r)
10331 HU Dömös 1100 (about) Sacramentary Sacramentarium sanctae Margaritae Benedictio fabae 110 (109v)
30173 HU Esztergom 1490 (after) Ritual Obsequiale Strigoniense Benedictio uvae sive novae fabae 44 (41v)
30175 IT Aosta 1000-1900 Ritual Rituale Augustanum Benedictio uvae vel fabae 332 (133)
30180 IT Milano 1000-1100 Ritual Manuale Ambrosianum Benedictio uvae sive fabae 118 (73)