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gradual psalms

Latin Keywords
quindecim, grad*, psalmi
Short Description
The fifteen, so-called gradual psalms (119-133), traditionally chanted by Jewish pilgrims while ascending the stairs of the Temple of Jerusalem. In a Christian context, they were recited in three groups for the clergy, the faithful, and the departed. Each group consisted of five psalms, preces, and an oration.


# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title Original Index Title P.N
20008 DE Bamberg 1501 Breviary Breviarium Bambergense Gradus ad primam 365 (7v)
20016 DE Mainz 1487 Breviary Breviarium Moguntinum Ad quindecim gradus 102 (42r)
20141 DE Meißen 1511 Diurnal Diurnale Misnense Ordo servandus in dicendis quindecim gradibus 390 (180r)
20142 DE Meißen 1517 Breviary Breviarium Misnense Nota quindecim gradus 495 (60v)
20037 ES Lleida 1479 Breviary Breviarium Illerdense Mane surgimus ad matutinas et facta oratione incipimus canticum graduum 16 (9r)
20040 ES Toledo 1515 Psalter Psalterium Toletanum Canticum graduum dicendum est per totum annum 333 (158v)
20112 ES Toledo 1502 Breviary Breviarium Mozarabicum Canticum graduum 633 (306v)
30306 FR Aurillac 1050-1100 Pontifical Pontificale Aureliacense Incipiunt psalmi. Ad intervallos dicantur 7 (2r)
20061 FR OCarm 1543 Breviary Breviarium Carmelitanum De quindecim psalmis gradualibus 266 (68r)
30227 FR Rodez 1513 Ritual Manuale Ruthenense Si vero longam moram fecerit addantur quindecim psalmi seu canticum gradum 37 (33r)
30163 GB York 1403 Ritual Manuale Eboracense Quindecim psalmi 18 (13v)
20081 HU OSPPE 1540 Breviary Breviarium Paulinum Modus legendi psalmos quindecim graduum 1174 (482r)
20082 HU Zagreb 1484 Breviary Breviarium Zagrabiense Incipit ordo dicendi quindecim gradus 115 (g8r)
20195 HU Zagreb 1484 Breviary Breviarium Zagrabiense Incicpit ordo dicendi quindecim gradus 160
30190 IT Roma 1495 Ritual Rituale Romanum Incominciano ... psalmi gradi 133
20093 IT Roma 1599 Breviary Breviarium Romanum Psalmi graduales 1025 (105v)
20104 NL Windesheim 1499 Breviary Breviarium Windeshemense Psalmi quindecim graduum dicendi sunt hoc modo 489 (o4v)
20107 NO Trondheim 1519 Breviary Breviarium Nidrosiense Feria quinta ad matutinum. Lecta dominica oratione dicantur quindecim psalmi Ad Dominum cum tribulalrer cum ceteris 199 (93v)
20109 PT Braga 1494 Breviary Breviarium Bracarense Incipit canticum graduum 91 (59r)