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Catalogus codicum latinorum Bibliotecae Regiae Monacensis

Short title
Halm Karl, Laubmann Georg
Publishing House
Bibliothecae regiae, München, 1892-
Digital version


Country Origin Age Genre Manuscript Short Title
DE Salzburg 1400-1500 Missal BSB München Clm 15708-15712 Missale Salisburgense
DE Augsburg 1495 Psalter BSB München Clm 04301 Psalterium Monasticum Augustense
DE Augsburg 1300-1400 Ordinal BSB München Clm 03912 Ordo Augustensis
DE Freising 1005-1039 Pontifical BSB München Clm 21587 Pontificale Egilberti
FR OPraem 1158-1200 Custumary BSB München Clm 17174 Statuta Praemonstratensia
IT OSB 1578 Breviary BSB München Clm 26281 Breviarium Monasticum ad usum monialium
DE Passau 1400-1500 Ordinal BSB München Clm 02725 Ordinarius Pataviensis
DE Freising 1005-1039 Pontifical BSB München Clm 06425 Pontificale Egilberti