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BL London Digit.
BL London Digit.
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Country Origin Age Genre Manuscript Short Title
GB Hereford 1300-1400 Missal BL London Add. Ms. 39675 Missale Herfordense
GB Norwich 1400 (about) Missal BL London Add. Ms. 25588 Missale Norwicense
FR OP 1200-1400 Ordinal BL London Add. Ms. 23935 Correctorium Dominicanum
GB Guisborough 1200-1300 Breviary BL London Add. Ms. 35285 Breviarium notatum Gisburnense
GB England 1400-1500 Missal BL London Egerton Ms. 2139 Missale Anglicanum
IE Dublin 1300-1325 Missal BL London Add. Ms. 24198 Missale Dubliniense
FR Rouen 1100-1200 Sacramentary BL London Add. Ms. 10048 Sacramentarium Rothomagense
IT Milano 1100-1200 Antiphonal-Gradual BL London Add. Ms. 34209 Antiphonarium Ambrosianum