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Saints and Feasts

Label Standard Date Same Related Similar Link
Silvius May. 31.
Silvius Tolosanus May. 31.
Simeon Feb. 18.
Simeon Jan. 5. Simeon
Simeon episcopus Simeon
Simeon Metensis 2.16 Simeon
Simeon Trevirensis 6.01
Simeon Trevirensis Feb. 18.
Simon apostolus Simon apostolus Simon apostolus-Iudas Simon
Simon apostolus (Octava) Simon apostolus Simon apostolus-Iudas Simon
Simon apostolus (Vigilia) Simon apostolus Simon apostolus-Iudas Simon
Simon Hierosolymitanus Simon
Simplicianus May. 31.
Simplicianus (Vigilia) Aug. 16. Simplicianus
Simplicius Feb. 11.
Simplicius Nov. 19.
Simplicius Jul. 7.
Simplicius Nov. 8.
Simplicius Oct. 3.
Simplicius Aug. 6.
Simplicius Jul. 19.
Simplicius Apr. 21.
Simplicius Jul. 7.
Simplicius Dec. 18.
Simplicius Nov. 19.
Simplicius May. 15.
Simplicius Jul. 29. Felix II-Simplicius-Faustinus-Beatrix
Simplicius Eduensis Jun. 25.
Simplicius papa Mar. 2. Simplicius
Sindulfus Dec. 10.
Sinnicius 9.01 Sixtus Remensis-Sinnicius-Nivardus
Sisinnius Nov. 29.
Sisinnius Jul. 23.
Sisinnius Aug. 16.
Sisinnius Jul. 14.
Sitius May. 31. Germanus Iusturus Paulinus Sitius
Siviardus Mar. 1.
Sixtus May. 17.
Sixtus May. 17.
Sixtus I. Apr. 6. Sixtus
Sixtus II Sixtus II-Felicissimus-Agapitus Sixtus
Sixtus Remensis Sixtus
Smaragdus Cyriacus-Largus-Smaragdus
Sola Dec. 3.
Solemnis Sep. 24.
Solinus Jan. 11.
Sollemne tricentarium Sep. 18.
Sollemnitas Festorum BMV BMV Maria
Solquinus 12.14
Sophia Jul. 1.
Sorus 2.1
Sosipater 06.25. Sopater
Sosius 9.23
Sostenes Sostenes-Victor
Sosthenes discipuli Pauli 11.28 Sostenes
Soter Soter*
Soteris Soter*
Speciosa Oct. 15.
Speosippus 1.17 Speosippus-Eleosippus-Meleosippus
Speosippus (Inventio) 09.18. Speosippus Speosippus (Inventio)-Eleosippus (Inventio)-Meleosippus (Inventio)
Speratus Speratus-Felix-Aquilinus
Spes Sapientia-Fides-Spes-Caritas
Spiritus Sanctus
Stanislaus Stanislaus
Stanislaus (Octava) Stanislaus
Stanislaus (Translatio) Stanislaus
Statio ad sanctum Petrum Feb.6.
Steph.m Stephanus protomartyr Stephanus
Steph.m (Adventus costae) Sep. 9.
Steph.m (Ded altaris) Oct. 3.
Steph.m (Inventio Octava) Stephanus protomartyr Stephanus
Steph.m (Inventio) Stephanus protomartyr Steph.m (Inventio)-Nicodemus-Gamaliel-Abibas Stephanus
Steph.m (Translatio Octava)
Steph.m (Translatio Octava)
Steph.m (Translatio) 5.07 Stephanus protomartyr Stephanus
Steph.m (Translatio) May. 7.
Steph.m (Translatio) Nov. 18.
Stephanus Jul. 11.
Stephanus (Adventus cubiti) Oct. 11.
Stephanus (Commemoratio) Aug. 23.
Stephanus (Commemoratio) Jul. 13.
Stephanus (Commemoratio) Jul. 20.
Stephanus (Inventio dextrae)
Stephanus Caiaccianus 10.29 Stephanus
Stephanus Lugdunensis Feb. 13.
Stephanus papa 8.02 Stephanus
Stephanus papa (Octava) Aug. 9.
Stephanus rex Aug. 15.
Stephanus rex Stephanus rex Stephanus
Stephanus rex (Elevatio Dextrae) Stephanus rex Stephanus
Stephanus rex (Inventio Dextrae) Stephanus rex Stephanus
Stephanus rex (Octava) Stephanus rex Stephanus
Sudarium Domini May. 7.
Sudarium Domini May. 4.
Suitbertus Mar. 1.
Sulpicius 1.17 Sulpicius
Sulpicius Oct. 3.
Sulpicius Oct. 3. Sulpicius-Servilianus
Sulpicius Oct. 3. Sulpicius-Servilianus
Sulpicius (Octava)
Sulpicius (Translatio) Sulpicius
Sulpicius Severus
Sunniva Jul. 8.
Superantius Dec. 1.
Supplicius Jan. 26.
Susceptio reliquiarum
Susceptio Sanguinis Domini Sep. 12.
Swithun 7.02
Swithun (Translatio) 7.15 Swithun
Sygo 02.10
Symphorianus Nov. 8.
Symphorianus Claudius Romanus-Nicostratus-Castorius-Symphorianus
Symphorianus Nov. 8.
Symphorianus Aug. 22. Timotheus-Symphorianus
Symphorianus Jul. 7.
Symphorianus Oct. 17. Timotheus-Symphorianus
Symphorianus (Octava)
Symphorianus martyr Symphorianus-Timotheus
Symphorianus, Nicostratus, Caudius, Castorius
Symphorosa Jul. 15.
Symphorosa et socii
Symphronius 7.27
Synesius Apr. 20.
Syra Jun. 7. Syria Syria
Syrus Syrus-Iuventius
Syrus Sep. 12.
Syrus (Translatio) May. 17.
Tammarus 1.16
Tanca Oct. 10.
Taracus Taracus-Probus-Andronicus-Maximilianus
Tatianus Aquileiensis 3.16 Hilarius Aquileiensis-Tatianus Aquileiensis
Taurinus (Inventio)
Taurinus (Octava) 9.05 Taurinus
Taurinus Auxitanus 9.05
Tecla Sep. 23. Tecla-Zosimus, Euphemia Chalcedonensis-Dorothea martyr-Tecla-Erasma-Lucia-Geminianus
Tecla Jun. 1.
Tecla Feb. 22.
Tecla (Octava) Sep. 30. Tecla
Telesphorus 1.05
Terentius Metensis Terentius
Terentius Metensis (Translatio) 5.16 Terentius Metensis Terentius
Tertius rex (Obitus)
Thais Oct. 3.
Thebaei martyres
Theobaldus May. 21.
Theodardus 9.1
Theodolus Aug. 16.
Theodolus Aug. 16.
Theodolus Alexander papa-Eventius-Theodolus-Iuvenalis Theodo*
Theodolus Dec. 17.
Theodolus (Revelatio) Sep. 4.
Theodolus Senonensis
Theodora Feb. 6.
Theodora Nov. 24.
Theodora Apr. 20.
Theodora martyr Apr. 1. Theodora
Theodoret Oct. 23. Theodorit, Theofred, Theodorus
Theodoret (Octava) Oct. 30. Theodoret
Theodoricus 7.01 Theodo*
Theodorus Mar. 26.
Theodorus Nov. 9.
Theodorus martyr 11.09 Theodo*
Theodorus papa 5.14 Theodo*
Theodorus, Ireneus
Theodosius 7.17
Theodulus episcopus
Theofred 11.18
Theofredus Nov. 18.
Theonestus 10.3
Theonestus Oct. 30.
Theophilus Feb. 6.
Theophilus Caesariensis Mar. 5. Theophilus
Theophilus episcopus Oct. 13. Theophilus
Theophilus martyr Nov. 3. Germanus martyr-Theophilus martyr Theophilus
Theospita Nov. 12.
Theoticus Mar. 8. Theoticus-Arianus
Theotonius 2.18
Theuderius Oct. 29. Theudarius, Theudaricus
Tholomaeus Oct. 19.
Thomas abbas Thomas
Thomas apostolus Thomas apostolus Thomas
Thomas apostolus (Octava) Thomas apostolus Thomas
Thomas apostolus (Translatio Octava) Jul. 10. Thomas apostolus Thomas
Thomas apostolus (Translatio Octava)) Jul. 10.
Thomas apostolus (Translatio) Jul. 3.
Thomas apostolus (Translatio) Thomas apostolus Thomas
Thomas apostolus (Vigilia) Dec. 20. Thomas apostolus Thomas
Thomas de Aquino Mar. 7. Thomas
Thomas de Aquino (Translatio) Jan. 28. Thomas de Aquino
Thomas Herfordensis 10.02 Thomas Herfordensis Thomas
Thomas Herfordensis (Depositio) 8.25 Thomas Herfordensis Thomas
Thomas Herfordensis (Octava) 10.08 Thomas Herfordensis Thomas
Thomas Herfordensis (Translatio) 10.25 Thomas Herfordensis Thomas
Thomas martyr Dec. 29. Thomas
Thomas martyr (Octava) Jan. 5. Thomas martyr Thomas
Thomas martyr (Translatio) Jul. 7.
Thomas martyr (Translatio) Jul. 7. Thomas martyr Thomas
Thyrsus Aug. 16.
Thyrsus 1.31 Thyrsus-Saturninus-Victor
Thyrsus Thyrsus-Lucius-Coronatus
Thyrsus May. 9.
Tiberius Nov. 10. Tiberius-Modestus-Florentia
Tiberius Tiberius-Modestus-Florentia
Tiburtius Jan. 29.
Tiburtius Jan. 29.
Tiburtius Tiburtius-Valerianus-Maximus
Tiburtius Chromatianus 8.11 Susanna-Tiburtius Chromatianus Tiburtius martyr
Tigridius 02.16
Tillo 1.7
Timon Apr. 19.
Timotheus Jan. 24.
Timotheus Aug. 22. Timotheus-Symphorianus
Timotheus Feb. 13. Timotheus-Maura
Timotheus Aug. 27. Timotheus-Symphorianus
Timotheus May. 22.
Timotheus Feb. 17.
Timotheus Apr. 6.
Timotheus Jan. 8.
Timotheus Oct. 17. Timotheus-Symphorianus
Timotheus Apr. 6.
Timotheus (Translatio) May. 9. Timotheus Andreas apostolus (Translatio)-Lucas (Translatio)-Timotheus (Translatio)-Nicolaus (Translatio)
Timotheus Remensis Aug. 23. Timotheus Remensis-Apollinaris Remensis Timotheus
Tirsus et socii
Torpes May. 17.
Torquatus May. 1.
Torquatus Mar. 9.