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Saints and Feasts

Label Standard Date Same Related Similar Link
Martina Jun. 20.
Martinianus Jul. 14. Processus-Martinianus
Martinianus Sep. 19. Processus-Martinianus
Martinianus Jun. 21. Processus-Martinianus
Martinianus Jul. 2. Processus-Martinianus
Martinianus Oct. 16. Martinianus-Saturianus
Martinus Nov. 15.
Martinus Oct. 24.
Martinus abbas
Martinus Bracarensis 3.2 Martinus
Martinus de Brive 8.9
Martinus episcopus Martinus episcopus Marti*
Martinus episcopus Jul. 16.
Martinus episcopus (Octava) Martinus episcopus Marti*
Martinus episcopus (Reversio)
Martinus episcopus (Translatio Octava)
Martinus episcopus (Translatio) Jul. 4. Martinus episcopus Marti*
Martinus episcopus (Vigilia) Nov. 10. Martinus episcopus
Martinus episcopus (Vigilia)
Martinus martyr Aug. 8, Aug. 10
Martinus monachus
Martinus papa Nov. 10.
Martinus papa Marti*
Martinus Trevirensis
Martinus Viennensis Jul. 1.
Marturianus Nov. 24.
Martyres Aug. 26.
Martyres de Scilla
Martyres innumerabiles Caesaraugustani Nov. 3.
Martyres innumerabiles Treverenses Oct. 6.
Martyres Massae Oct. 24.
Martyrius Aug 16.
Marus Jan. 25.
Maternianus Jul. 7.
Maternianus 7.07
Maternus Jul. 18.
Maternus (Translatio) 10.23
Maternus Mediolanensis 7.18 Maternus
Matronianus Dec. 14.
Matthaeus apostolus Matthaeus apostolus Matthaeus
Matthaeus apostolus (Octava) Matthaeus apostolus Matthaeus
Matthaeus apostolus (Vigilia) Sep. 20.
Matthaeus apostolus (Vigilia) Matthaeus apostolus Matthaeus
Matthaeus martyr Benedictus martyr-Ioannes martyr-Christianus-Isaac-Matthaeus martyr Matthaeus
Matthias Feb. 24. Matthias
Matthias (Inventio ossium) Sep. 1. Matthias
Matthias (Octava) Mar. 2. Matthias
Matthias (Translatio) Aug. 11. Matthias
Matthias (Vigilia) Feb. 23. Matthias
Matthias episcopus Jan. 30.
Maturinus 11.08
Maturinus (Translatio) 5.10
Maura Feb. 13. Timotheus-Maura
Maureulfus Sep.15
Mauri martyres in Colonia Oct. 15.
Maurilius Sep. 18.
Maurilius (Octava) Sep. 19. Maurilius
Maurilius (Translatio)
Maurilius (Translatio) Oct. 19. Maurilius
Maurilius (Vigilia) Sep. 12. Maurilius
Maurilius (Vigilia)
Maurinus Jun. 10.
Maurinus 6.1
Maurinus Agenensis 11.25.
Mauritius Sep. 22. Mauritius-Exuperius Agaunensis-Innocentius Agaunensis-Candidus Agaunensis-Victor Agaunensis
Mauritius (Adventus reliquiarum) Feb. 25.
Mauritius (Inventio) May. 12. Mauritius
Mauritius (Octava) Sep. 28. Mauritius
Mauritius (Receptio bracchii) Dec. 2. Mauritius
Mauritius (Revelatio) Oct. 26. Mauritius
Mauritius (Translatio) Sep. 28. Mauritius
Mauritius (Translatio) Dec. 13. Mauritius Mauritius
Mauritius episcopus May. 11. Mauritius
Maurontus Massiliensis 10.21
Maurontus Massiliensis (Octava)
Maurus Ian. 29 Papias-Maurus
Maurus Feb. 13.
Maurus Nov. 21. Maurus
Maurus Nov. 29. Chrysantus-Maurus martyr-Daria Maurus
Maurus 8.22 Maurus
Maurus Sep. 4.
Maurus Subiacensis Ian. 15. Maurus
Maurus Subiacensis (Translatio) Maurus Sublacensis
Maxellendis 11.13
Maxianus Jul. 27.
Maxima May. 16.
Maxima 10.01 Verissimus-Maxima-Iulia Ulyssiponensis
Maxima Oct. 1. Maxima-Verissimus-Iulia
Maxima May. 24.
Maxima Sirmiensis 3.26 Montanus Sirmiensis-Maxima Sirmiensis Maxima
Maximianus Nov. 19.
Maximianus Fortunatus-Maximianus Maxim*
Maximianus episcopus Maxim*
Maximilianus Oct. 12.
Maximilianus Taracus-Probus-Andronicus-Maximilianus Maxim*
Maximinus abbas Maxim*
Maximinus Aquensis Jun. 7. Maximus Aquensis
Maximinus Aquensis (Octava) Jun. 14. Maximinus Aquensis
Maximinus episcopus Jun. 8.
Maximinus episcopus Maxim*
Maximinus episcopus (Depositio) 9.12
Maximus Aug. 20.
Maximus Dec. 15.
Maximus Nov. 19.
Maximus Apr. 21.
Maximus Nov. 20.
Maximus Sep. 28.
Maximus Tiburtius-Valerianus-Maximus, Lucianus-Maximus-Iulianus Belvacensis Maxim*
Maximus confessor Maximus confessor Maxim*
Maximus confessor (Inventio) 9.13 Maximus confessor Maxim*
Maximus Cordubensis Olympias-Maximus Cordubensis Maxim*
Maximus dispensator Maximus dispensator-Claudius Maxim*
Maximus episcopus Jun. 10. Maxim*
Maximus I
Maximus Regiensis 11.27 Maximus Regiensis Maxim*
Maximus Regiensis (Ostensio Octava) 10.09 Maximus Regiensis Maxim*
Maximus Regiensis (Ostensio) 10.02 Maximus Regiensis Maxim*
Maximus Treverensis (Depositio) Sep. 12. Maximus Treverensis Maximus
Mayra Jul. 30.
Medardus Jun. 8. Gildardus-Medardus
Medardus (Octava) 6.15
Medulphus 06.01
Meginradus 1.21
Meginradus Jan. 21.
Meinolfus Oct. 5.
Melanius Nov. 6.
Melanius Redonensis 11.06
Melchior (Translatio)
Meleosippus 1.17 Speosippus-Eleosippus-Meleosippus
Meleosippus (Inventio) 09.18. Meleosippus Speosippus (Inventio)-Eleosippus (Inventio)-Meleosippus (Inventio)
Melorus 10.01
Memmius 8.05 Cassianus episcopus-Memmius
Memmius (Octava)
Memmius (Translatio)
Menelaus Jul. 3. Menelaus-Triphonus
Menesius Oct. 31.
Mengoldus Mengoldus
Mengoldus (Translatio) 2.08 Mengoldus
Mera de Lactora 7.2
Methodius Sep. 18.
Methodius Mar. 9. Cyrillus philosophus-Methodius
Metropolus 10.08
Mevennus Jun. 21.
Michael Michael
Michael (Apparitio) May. 8.
Michael (Octava) Michael
Michael (Vigilia) Michael
Michael in Monte Gargano 5.08
Michael in Tumba Michael
Micharius Feb. 28.
Michasius Jan. 16. Iacobus-Honoratus-Michasius
Milburga 2.23
Mildreda 7.13
Miletus Sep. 19.
Minervus Aug. 23.
Minervus Eleazarus
Minias 10.25
Miraculum BMV May. 0.
Miraculum BMV May. 0.
Miraculum BMV
Miraculum BMV
Mirocles Dec. 3.
Misael Ananias-Azarias-Misael
Missa votiva Feb. 23.
Missa votiva
Mitrias Aquensis Nov. 13.
Mitrias Aquensis (Octava) Nov. 20. Mitrias Aquensis
Moderamus (Translatio) May. 16.
Modesta 11.04
Modestus Nov. 10. Tiberius-Modestus-Florentia
Modestus Vitus-Modestus-Crescentia
Modestus martyr Romae 10.15 Lupulus-Modestus martyr Romae Modestus
Modoaldus 5.12
Monas Oct. 12.
Monegundis 7.02
Monica May. 4.
Monica Apr. 9.
Monica Feb. 25.
Monica Mar. 2.
Monica May. 14.
Monica (Translatio) Monica
Monitor Nitor
Mono 10.18
Montanus Mar. 26.
Montanus Sirmiensis 3.26 Montanus Sirmiensis-Maxima Sirmiensis Montanus
Monulphus 7.16 Gondulphus-Monulphus
Moyses 9.04
Moyses abbas Feb. 7.
Moysetes 12.18
Mucius 5.13
Mummolenus 10.16
Mummolus 11.18
Musca Cyrica-Musca
Mustiola Nov. 26.
Nabor Jun. 10.
Nabor Basilides-Cirinus-Nabor-Nazarius, Nabor-Felix
Nabor (Translatio) Jul. 23. Nabor
Nabori Jul. 28.
Nabundus et socii
Namphasius Nov. 12.
Narciscus Oct. 29.
Narcissus Oct. 29.
Narcissus (Octava) 11.5
Narcissus (Octava) Nov. 5. Narcissus
Nat Nativitas Domini
Natalia Jun. 7. Natalia-Adrianus
Natalia 12.01
Natalia Jun. 7.
Natalia martyr Cordubae 8.27 Georgius martyr Cordubae-Aurelius martyr Cordubae-Natalia martyr Cordubae Natalia
Nativitas BMV Sep. 8.
Nativitas BMV Nativitas BMV BMV Maria
Nativitas BMV (Octava) Nativitas BMV BMV Maria
Nativitas BMV (Vigilia) Nativitas BMV BMV Maria
Navalis martyr Ravennae Valentinus martyr Ravennae-Concordius martyr Ravennae-Navalis martyr Ravennae-Agricolae martyr Ravennae Navalis
Nazarius Jun. 10.
Nazarius Jul. 28.
Nazarius Nazarius-Celsus-Victor-Innocentius, Basilides-Cirinus-Nabor-Nazarius
Nazarius (Octava)
Nazarius (Translatio) May. 10.
Nazarius (Vigilia) Jul. 27.
Nazarius (Vigilia)
Nectarius Aug. 1.
Nectarius 12.09
Nemecianus Sep. 10 Nemecianus-Polianus-Felix-Victor