A Digital Library and Database for the Study of Latin Liturgical History in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

Catalogue Mixed

# Country Origin Age Genre Short Title
50004 FR OP 1200-1400 Ordinal Correctorium Dominicanum
50001 FR OPraem 1158-1200 Custumary Statuta Praemonstratensia
50002 FR Paris 1507-1512 Book of Hours Horarium
50003 FR Reims 0800-1300 Varia Libri liturgici Remenses abbatiae sancti Remigii et ecclesiae cathedralis
50005 IT Roma 1489 Book of Hours Horarium Romanum
50006 NL Bergambacht 1511-1520 Book of Hours Horarium
50007 NL Windesheim 1497 Book of Hours Horarium Windeshemense