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Morin, Martinus

Morin, Martinus
Biographical Dates
ca. 1450-ca. 1522
CERL Reference
Other Reference

Alençon 1515

Amiens 1511

Paris 1523

Rouen 1490-1522

Country Origin Age Genre Manuscript Short Title
FR Évreux 1497 Missal Missale Ebroicense
FR Rouen 1495 Missal Missale Rothomagense
FR Arras 1508 Missal Missale Atrebatense
FR Beauvais 1514 Missal Missale Belvacense
FR Tours 1493 Missal Missale Turonense
FR Rouen 1491 Breviary Breviarium Rothomagense
FR Rouen 1500 Ritual Manuale Rothomagense
FR Sées 1515 Ritual Manuale Sagiense
FR Arras 1515 Ritual Manuale Atrebatense
FR Le Mans 1511 Ritual Manuale Cenomanense