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Liechtenstein, Petrus

Liechtenstein, Petrus
Variant Name(s)
Coloniensis Germanus, Germanus Coloniensis, Lichtenstein, Lichtensteyn, Liechtensteyn, Liectitensteyn
Biographical Dates
CERL Reference
Other Reference

Venezia 1497-1528

Country Origin Age Genre Manuscript Short Title
HU OSPPE 1514 Missal Missale Paulinum
HU Zagreb 1511 Missal Missale Zagrabiense
IT Aquileia 1517 Missal Missale Aquileiense
DE Freising 1516 Breviary Breviarium Frisingense
DE Passau 1505 Breviary Breviarium Pataviense
DE Passau 1521 Diurnal Diurnale Pataviense
HU Esztergom 1523 Psalter Psalterium Strigoniense
HU OSPPE 1540 Breviary Breviarium Paulinum