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Hamann, Ioannes de Landaw

Hamann, Ioannes de Landaw
Variant Name(s)
Haman, Hamman, Herczog, Hertzog, de Landoia
CERL Reference
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Venezia 1482-1509

Country Origin Age Genre Manuscript Short Title
ES València 1492 Missal Missale Valentinum
FR OP 1494 Missal Missale Dominicanum
FR OP 1494 Missal Missale Dominicanum
IT Roma 1493 Missal Missale Romanum
ES Toledo 1492 Breviary Breviarium Toletanum
GB York 1493 Breviary Breviarium Eboracense
DE Passau 1498 Ritual Agenda Pataviensis
IT Aquileia 1495 Ritual Agenda Aquileiensis